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Hey guys,

Some friends and I were looking to go out in Ann Arbor for New Year's Eve.  Does anyone know what the scene is like on NYE?  Despite being an alum, I never actually went out in AA on NYE.  I know some places have big pricy tickets (i.e. Conor O'Neill's/Cavern Club), but what are some of the other places like on NYE?


I saw ABC has a party.  I haven't been to the new Habana yet, but saw they have something going on.  What is that like?  Charley's, Jug, Rick's, Babs, Ashley's, etc... where are the places to go on NYE?  


Any feedback would be much appreciated!



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I did NYE there in 2010 or 2011...can't quite remember.  Anyway, it was pretty decent, but you needed to buy a ticket in advance.  I would do some research, since there are a good number of places that require advance tickets these days. 

turd ferguson

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My limited experience:

Ashley's was closed, Charley's was closed (maybe a one-time thing), and the Jug was quiet. Seemed like Main St was the place to go. Wherever you go, though, I'd call first, because a lot of places close when the students leave.

BOX House

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As others have suggested, it's honestly worse than a typical Thurs/Fri/Sat night in Ann Arbor because all of the students are gone. And I would agree that Main Street would be the place to go. The undergrad scene on South U pretty much shuts down over Christmas break.

That said, I have been to some great house parties for NYE in Ann Arbor, but I'm sure that's not what you're looking for.


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You could party at my place.  I'll have some beers on hand and probably some pizza.  I'll need to excuse myself around 8:30 to put the kids to bed and then you'll need to split around 11:00pm cuz that is when I go to sleep.   Yeah, the A2 scene is hoppin'.




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There's a decent run down.

I've done AA NYE twice. Once was a house party I hosted, the last was two years ago. We actually ended up going out late, though (11:30) and got into Blue Lep for a $5 or $10 cover. Most places will have cover, including Charley's for the only night of the year.

I'm not exactly sure where my party will decide on going as I may have two groups of friends out in AA this year, possibly three. I think, though, that barhopping is what you want to avoid. Find a place and stick with it until the ball drops. Then make your rounds. That'll likely be my plan of attack. 

According to the link, here's some No-Covers:


Cafe Habana (The new and not-so-improved)

Mash? (Not sure if no cover, but I'm going to lobby my groups for Mash)


Mash is becoming a regular for one of my groups of friends. Great live music on Thursdays, Blue Tractor's improved beer, and a nice re-model of the former Habana.

If you want to go cheap and are up for the younger crowd (early-mid 20s) go to Blue Lep. It'll have your grad student and young professional types with a mix of non-Ann Arbor young folks.

Main street will be pricey, which is why you should look at Washington. Washington is the most underrated street in Ann Arbor: ABC, Arena, Blue Tractor, Mash, Grizzly Peak, and otheres.


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The girlfriend and I went out with some friends last year at Heidelberg. That was actually pretty fun. If you get there between 8-9 you can definitely grab a table (we had a group of about 10). 

They passed out hats, kazoo type things, champagne I think, etc. 

Feat of Clay

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For a different kind of time there is a NYE party at Colonial Lanes.  We've never been there for the nighttime party; we've gone for the daytime thing for families but I'd imagine that's a different animal.


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Isn't that what it is when you go out anywhere on NYE?  Unless you have a house party, most people in whatever city you are are going to be strangers and many likely will be from the area, home for the holidays.  Are you suggesting that nobody should go out on NYE?

Last year I visited my sister and went out with friends in Kalamazoo.  I'm sure many of the people who went out there were also townie strangers and I had a great time.  In fact, pretty much anytime you go out to bars the people there are strangers aside from the crew you are with.  Are you now implying that nobody should go out period because you will be there with strangers?

If I'm going to go out with "a bunch of townie strangers" what is wrong with going to the city where I had the best 4.5 years of my life?  I have never had a bad time in Ann Arbor even on the numerous occasions I have been back post-graduation (2008).  So sorry if I want to go out there.  Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?



To everyone else, thanks for the input!


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Webers Inn isn't cheap, but they have a dj in one ballroom, a band in another, great food.  the only thing that sucks is that you have to buy your drinks (as opposed to being included in the package, which is stupid cause you pay hundreds of dollars per package),



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As others have said, Ann Arbor is kind of empty on NYE.  It has been getting better as more things are open, whereas it used to feel like a near ghost town.  That said most of the open places are catering more to the adult townie crowd as opposed to students.  Plus most places jack the prices for NYE.  

Personally I'd say NYE is the one night to consider hitting up Novi or Royal Oak.  I've had more fun at those places since a lot of young professionals live there and that leads to a more lively scene.  


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A group of friends and I will be at ABC. Maybe hop between there and MASH. I'm really shocked by the lack of things going on and it seems like those high priced things happening don't come with an open bar which is incredibly dissapointing after spending last NYE at an open bar next to Jackson Square in New Orleans.