OT: The Nutcracker, Omelets, and Dude you really need to get out more...

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This is beyond off topic but today I went to see The Nutcracker in San Francisco with not one but two of the most beautiful girls in the world. I was honestly a little concerned about getting bored having seen the Nutcracker almost 20 times. But, this season’s production in San Francisco was amazing.  Everything was perfect: The dancers, choreography, sets, opera house, story edits…  This is probably the greatest production of the Nutcracker I’ve ever seen.  Clara was a ‘badass’ and can dance absolutely beautifully. I was stunned by how good the Sugar Plum Fairy was. The Russian dancers, my favorite, were amazing. San Francisco always has an entire cast of amazing dancers. I highly recommend this to anyone. I actually did cry when Clara woke up back in her living room.  5/5 stars.

And for Herm, the best Omelet:

Beat three eggs in a bowl. I prefer a fork, if you know how to use it correctly, rather than a whisk.  If you're not lactose intolerlant, shred a mix of cheddar and jack with a bit of parmesan together and set aside.  For vegetables, make sure you steam them, or grill them in butter, slightly before adding them to the omelet.  Some vegetables require more time than others.  Mushrooms are fine raw, asparagus needs to be steamed a few minutes, and onions are best grilled in butter.  For the eggs, melt a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan over medium heat.  Make sure it’s not too hot so that the butter or the eggs don’t burn.   I prefer to add the vegetables and meat (cooked sausage or bacon) while the egg is still runny and not fully set so that they are cooked in the egg rather than just sitting inside the omelet.  Flip over and add the cheese inside right away before the eggs are fully cooked.  Fold over and you have the perfect omelet.  Dude...

By the way, I also loved Les Mis, Phantom, Sunset Boulevard, and Miss Saigon on Broadway.  We can all agree that Cats sucks.  I haven’t seen the Les Mis movie yet but am looking forward to it.  The best musical film is Man of La Mancha with Peter O'Toole. He was a badass in Laurance of Arabia.  That's the first two times I've ever said badass.  The best Bond could be Craig but I’m still a fan of Connery.  Tarantino will never top Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs.  His recent films are too campy. 

Finally, the Nutcracker was actually amazing this year and my dates (7 and 10 years) are the most beautiful and sweetest girls in the world.




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I opined that people should stop whining about OT posts. With politics and religion completely verboten, that leaves movies, ballet, broadway, gaming, parenting, and recipes. I'm surprised there haven't been any posts on snow in the Detroit area.


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Just because OT posts are allowed doesn't mean they're necessary.  It's not like we have a quota of 15 total posts per day and if there isn't any sports by God we need to start threads about something.  

You are now bitching about the bitching.  Because of that, I will try to berate any OT thread I disagree with, and maybe even some that I do.  If you make a dumb thread, I'll give you some dumb posts to fill it with.


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Everybody knows the apex of Peter O'Toole's career was his performance in Phantoms.

Phantoms like a motherfucker.

Dean Koontz is our generation's Charles Dickens, if Charles Dickens wrote about monsters and sucked.

Monsters was a surprisingly excellent low budget sci-fi film, very well done.  Launched the career of Scoot McNairy, and I believe the director Gareth Edwards has now been placed in charge of re-launching a new Godzilla franchise.

Scoot McNairy was also one of the high points of Killing Me Softly, very underrated flick.  I also believe he met his wife Whitney Abel while both starred in Monsters; well done sir, she's pretty hot, pretty sure he gave her an anchor baby as well, so she's not going anywhere, good thinking on his part.

Favorite Godzilla villain?  I'm going to have to go with Ghidrah the 3-headed dragon, personally.  Many would say Mothra, or Rodan, I feel these are tired answers lacking insight into the grand mythos that is Godzilla.  If your answer is MechaGodzilla, you should kill yourself immediately.

Anyone hear about Lomas Brown intentionally missing a block and allowing Scott Mitchell to get injured?  Shit cray.

Thanks guys, glad I was able to get every pointless thought which ran through my head in the last 2 minutes off my chest... 


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While one tablespoon of butter may satisfy a poof, most Michigan Men™ require a 1:1 ratio of butter to eggs or better yet, skip the eggs and eat a plate of bacon. Please return your blue blazer to the alumni association.


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I recently saw TOOL at the Palace of Auburn Hills. It was amazing. I enjoyed their new materials, but I nearly broke out in tears when they played "Stinkfist." Likewise, "Schism" nearly made me throw a midget through a plate glass window out of sheer joy, the way it always does. Danny Carey's drum work never ceases to strike me as utterly competent. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.


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because I missed the show.  Wanna know why?  Because I relied on the MGoBoard to tell me when TOOL was coming to the Palace, and some JACK WAD moderator deprived me of this vital information.  On the plus side, there's a midget walking around somewhere that owes a debt of gratitude to said JACK WAD moderator.


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for the first time this Sunday and I've been told they put on one hell of a show so I'm pretty psyched. I saw the Nutcracker back in 6th grade and actually didnt mind it. You have to love Tchaikovsky. Very excited about this concert though. I've seen their videos of concerts on YouTube and I was amazed by the light show they put on.


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Do you though?  Do you really?  Is it a moral imperative or something?

As an aside, I'm going to avoid making a snarky remark despite this comment in addition to your previous thread but, man...you are making it difficult for those looking to ridicule you to bite their tongue(s) and avoid doing so.

When's the Cats revival coming to town?

Damnit, I'm sorry, I could not help myself...

Everyone Murders

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I think that Tchaikovsky 's 1812 Overture commemorates Russia's success in repelling Napoleon in France's invasion of Russia in 1812.  (Many believe one reason the U.S. prevailed in our War of 1812 is there was a bit of a distraction - the Napoleonic Wars - going on in Europe and draining England's resources.)  The Russians refer to it as The Patriotic War of 1812, and it was a pretty big deal to them (and the world at large).

Bottom line is that the 1812 Overture has nothing to do with what most Americans think of as The War of 1812.  But agreed that you hear the 1812 Overture a lot at fireworks shows, esp. with the cannon bits. 

Everyone Murders

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From the OP's omelet recipe, addressed to Herm:

If you're not lactose intolerant, shred a mix of cheddar and jack with a bit of parmesan together and set aside.

Based on no factual basis whatsoever, I'm fairly certain Herm (whose posts I generally enjoy) is lactose intolerant.  The man trends intolerant in most things, so why should milk sugar get a pass?