OT: Nova G, Donte DiVincenzo, to stay for the NBA Draft

Submitted by Michigan4Life on May 29th, 2018 at 2:55 PM

Villanova sophomore Donte DiVincenzo will remain in the 2018 NBA Draft and forgo his remaining collegiate eligibility, sources told Yahoo.

The Final Four Most Outstanding Player had strong Combine, has performed well in team workouts.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) May 29, 2018

This is noteworthy considering Michigan will face Villanova in the Gavitt Classic next season. Nova will lose a lot in Brunson, Bridges, Speilman and DiVincenzo. Charles Matthews have tomorrow to decide to stay or come back to Michigan.



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But it took me a while to figure out that "Nova G" was not a nickname like "Swaggy P" and actually referred to DiVincenzo himself.

I was thinking "why do i not remember ever hearing about this Nova G guy before?  He must be good if he's staying in the draft with DiVincenzo."

uncle leo

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The majority of the talk is that Matthews is not coming back. 

I think Michigan will be alright regardless, the freshman will be getting a lot more PT.

And poor Ibi, I bet he would have stuck if he knew Matthews was leaving.


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OK, I have to ask now....how long has Uncle Leo been hanging out in your house? If he's outside, on the other hand, does someone at least pass him a sandwich out in the bushes every few hours? Sounds like the worst kept secret ever, if you ask me. 




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he'll get a job whether he gets drafted or not.  His ability to make the NBA and stay in the NBA will depend on his ability to shoot better and I'm not sure playing a third year at Michigan while going to school and having instruction limits is a better place to work on his shot.

It's a lot different than Shazor because there are far more leagues and opportunities for basketball players to continue to develop skills at levels lower than the NBA compared to football players.


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Yeah it only takes one team to look at his form, believe he can improve as a shooter in their program to make going into the draft the right decision for Matthews. At Michigan he could improve his shot and raise his draft stock. Or the team could struggle to spread the floor with Teske at center and Z at PG and his slashing ability could be harmed and his draft stock drops just by being another year older. Or he could get injured, etc. Getting paid to focus on basketball full time is the quickest way to develop your game, if even one team offers Matthews that he should take it.


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If this were true, every freshmen in college basketball should just declare for the NBA so they can focus on basketball full time when they don’t get drafted. There is a reason it is smart for a kid who isn’t on any draft boards to come back to school


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Charles Mathews has ELITE athleticism and plus length.  His only flaws are skills that can be worked on and improved.  So for him, the ceiling is very high and the only way he can reach his ceiling is through practice (which he'll be able to do more of at a pro level).

The vast majority of college players have physical limitations that would prevent them from having a reasonable chance of making the NBA almost no matter how skilled they became.  For them, focusing solely on basketball wouldn't help them enough.

Spike Albrecht couldn't be an NBA player even though he was insanely skilled.


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I'm sure there is some other random italian dude that will hit all the shots to replace him. Jay Wright has built a damn machine