OT: Notre Dame player stomps Navy player, Kelly fails to discipline

Submitted by dnak438 on October 26th, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Didn't see this on the board, so I thought that I'd post it.  Brian Kelly is apparently not going to discipline senior DE Kerry Neal for stomping on Navy slotback John Howell:

If Kelly really isn't going to mete out discipline, it is really outrageous.  This is not subtle stuff.



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If Kelly really isn't going to mete out discipline, it is really outrageous.  This is not subtle stuff.

Are we really in a position to call for Kelly to discipline Neal for this?  What we should be doing is asking for their conference to suspend him for a game.



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what your goal is of coming here and posting. i'm well aware that this sort of commentary would lead to a ban, scolding, widespread ridicule on the RCMB, which you frequent, yet you come onto this site and do the same?

if you're not interested in discussion and instead are just going to troll, that's your prerogative.


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nobody on this board claimed that Michigan players are perfect and don't make mistakes.  If one of our players had done this and RR didn't discipline the player, I imagine that the MGoBlog community would be as upset about it as the ND blogger whose article I linked to in my initial  post.  In this thread, at least, nobody is claiming that Michigan players are above this stuff.  We are just calling this situation as we see it.   I think that's perfectly justifiable.  Whether the Mouton incident was worse or not is beside the point.


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I think he is trying to make the point that both teams have similar uniforms and are both now mediocre independents with a rich football history (they used to be good a long time ago), and are now indistinguishable from each other. 

How to tell them apart:  Navy fans are wearing uniforms.  Notre Dame fans are wearing frowns.


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I'm not sure I would call Navy a mediocre independent.  They've been to a bowl game how many years in a row now?  I believe they have led the NCAA in rushing or have been pretty close to that lead for a while too.


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Just not the sense he intended. The statement does not imply multiple victories, nor does it imply 10 games. It could be interpreted as scheduling Wisconsin 9 times in a 10 game season, and winning at least one game.  That appears to be the best interpretation.

ND Sux

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let them play", but that was viscious and unacceptable.  I didn't see either of the two officials throw a flag.  IMO this punk should be suspended for a few games.  That was worse than the Oregon punch. 


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Eh I don't know about that. That ND player is pretty shady, but the Lablount (spelling?) punch at the end of the game last year was ridiculous. That was one of the most absurd things I have every seen. Either way, there is no room for shit like that and he should be getting disciplined for being an asshat.


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Ah thank you, that's how I got it messed up, I knew it didn't look / sound right. Yeah I agree, it was funny as hell, but definitely a low blow and uncalled for. I'm kinda surprised you don't see stuff like that happen more often to be honest. I know there are always guys shoving each other and talking trash, but I am surprised guys don't go all apeshit on opposing players on the sideline or something sometimes.


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I don't know if this had any direct bearing on Blount's suspension, but he also tried to go after some fans after punching the BSU player (I'm pretty sure he hit a coach or maybe a teammate when they were trying to get between him and the stands). The first punch was bad enough, but the rest of it definitely contributed to harsh punishment.

The ND move was nasty, but this kind of thing happens enough (not condoning it by any means), that if he were to be suspended, so should a lot of other people. Unless one player has a persistent issue, I say give him a warning, let him know someone's keeping an eye on him, and assume it was a one time thing.


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That's what I took from the video as well. The Navy player just gets up and hugs the guy or something. Probably whispers in the ND's players ear, "aww that was cute, that's what they do instead of using alarm clocks in SEAL training." I would hope that opposing teams would show our armed forces a bit more respect.


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they show a bit more respect for any opponent, armed forces or not.  It's bullshit to do it to an academy player, it's bullshit to do it to a Spartan or a Buckeye too.  Just play the game.  That goes for dong-punching and leg-twisting too.


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Is there a recourse for opposing teams with ND? I do appreciate that when we pull a dirty play, other teams can appeal to the Big 10 office... seems to be a nice check and balance. But, what can be done in the case of ND or other Independents? Does anyone know?

I mean... they can't really expect us to appeal to Touchdown Jesus, can they?