OT: North Carolina lost to Wofford!

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I though I would make a post on this given that Michigan played the Tar Heels in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. In the long run, one would expect North Carolina will be just fine and have a very good season. Nonetheless, it's still a very shocking upset which trumps anything Indiana has managed (or mismanaged) so far. 



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Wofford over UNC is definitely the biggest upset.  They are from a low-major conference (SoCon) whereas the MAC and MVC are at the mid-major level.  Plus what was said above, that the Terriers had never defeated a Top-25 team.

Fun fact: Michigan defeated the Terriers in the first round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, 57-40.


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Maybe it’s above SoCon in the pecking order, but mid-majors are conferences that sometimes have the ability to send two or three teams to the NCAAs, and not just because of an upset in the conference tournament. The MAC hasn’t had two teams get in this millennium (even if one could make the case they should have for a couple of years).


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Thought that one might be slightly interesting when I saw Evansville's shiny record going in (10-2).  Then I checked the score with a few minutes left in the first half and saw that Duke was up 30.  LOL, nope.

Three minutes into the game, UE led by two, 7-5.  For the remaining 37 minutes, they would be outscored 99-33. 


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I went to a coaching clinic for football at Wofford College about three years ago. The town the school is located in is so small that if you blink once you’ll miss it. Great for the Terriers!


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is great for everyone. It's nice to be able to flip on a game on any given night and see a blue-blood go down to an unknown. These "cupcake" teams have proven to be quite a struggle for the big dogs this season. 

Perkis-Size Me

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If there is any silver lining to this, any at all, it probably means that you're going to watch a very angry UNC team take out all of it's frustration on OSU on Saturday. 

I hope the word bloodbath is too light to describe whatever UNC does to OSU on Saturday afternoon. I hope OSU gets ground into a fine powder which UNC then proceeds to collectively take a nice shit on and leave out in the hot sun to fester for a few weeks. 


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sucks about Carl.  Sorry.  Maybe this will teach you not to go back to the garbage people for any reason, particularly when it make absoutely no sense to do so.


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They have been streaky this season despite being No 5 (for now) and sitting at 10-2. Maye is good if he’s not the focal point and other than Berry they have a lot of unproven guys.


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I have to interview Wofford coach Mike Young for one of my freelance gigs, and it's usually a pretty brutal experience. The guy is basically Basketball Dantonio - abrasive, humorless, but at the same time, he gets every ounce of ability out of his players. Young's players take on his personality, and that was evident last night. The Tar Heels looked to be having about as much fun as I usually have when I dial Young's number and turn on the old voice recorder.


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My son's middle school basketball assistant coach is a UNC alum.  He arranged to bus the middle school team five hours on a school day to the UNC-Wofford game.  When the game was over the middle school team and coaches got back on the bus and drove five hours home.