OT - NMSU-UVU Brawl (Basketball)

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After Utah Valley beat New Mexico State last night to take over control of the WAC, NMSU G K.C. Ross-Miller threw the ball at a Utah Valley player.  Combined with the timing of UVU's fans storming the court, the fight between the players on the two teams escalated to also include a few UVU students.  One can be seen throwing a punch at a NMSU player.  Ugly scene, and it is already drawing more talk about banning storming the court.  Storming the court is a part of the tradition of college (and high school) basketball, but is it so dangerous that it needs to be outlawed?  

This is obviously an isolated situation, and the first time I can recall an incident of this nature occuring in college basketball.  I think storming the court shouldn't be banned, and might be tough to enforce anyways.  Do schools pay some sort of penalty for an incident?  Would it require extra security at every game?  Just doesn't seem practical to me. 



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I suspect we'll be able to thank UVU's students for getting court-storming banned. It was a tenuous truce as it was, now with this I don't think the NCAA has a choice but to ban it.

If they're going to trumpet caring about players, they can't reasonably let this one slide


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"Players, don't go into the stands (angry) ever" is "Fans, don't go onto the court (angry), ever.".

A mix of angry fans and players is a recipe for a riot.

However, this one came about as a series of unusual, unfortunately timed events.  And so do we ban going onto the courts in joy because of one out of a gazillion events?

I think the old adage "Hard (unusual) cases make for bad law" applies here.


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Wait you're happy that a random NMSU player came from out of frame and threw a cheap shot at a guy who wasn't looking? Bunch of internet tough guys who must've grown up hood fighting. NMSU should've taken their losing-loser butts off the court like 99.9% of other losing teams rather than throwing a hissy fit and trying to act tough. Judging by the type of player NMSU usually recruits, that isn't surprising at all.

Naked Bootlegger

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The main thing I learned from this link was that Utah Valley even existed.   I seriously had no idea that they were a D1 team. 

Other than that, this was a stupid situation all around.   Sounds like NMSU's coach will take disciplinary action, at least from the quotes I saw.  As much I would love to hurl the ball at many annoying players' private parts who probably deserve it, restraint must rule.  



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I feel like that's one of the soda caps you would get during March Madness when Sprite or whoever had their contest where you win a prize if your cap matched the tourney winner. So for every Kentucky and Dook there were ten thousand Utah Valleys and Southwest Nowhere Tech.


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My 'cool story bro' moment from this event is that my brother is the PA for UVU sports. He hasn't given me the full story yet on the incident, but it looks pretty wild on the videos. I would like to think my one semester at UVU did not somehow contribute to this nightmare, but I will never know. 

Naked Bootlegger

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Since I hadn't heard of UVU before this brawl, 1000 apologies to you for not knowing about your home turf better.   I did some quick research...over 30000 students enrolled?!  Much bigger than I thought.   Have they been D1 sports for a long time?!  How long in the WAC?  

Additional research has since revealed to me that Noelle Pikus-Pace was a track and field star for UVU. 


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Why is everyone's reactions to everything lately ''If there's a slight chance of danger WE MUST BAN IT!'' 

Schools have been storming courts for years, and now we're talking about about banning because of safety? BS. 


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There also was a physical altercation between players and fans at the palace a few years back. That involved players going into the stands. Sounds unsafe maybe we should ban fans from sporting events.

If we banned everything that happened in places that had "unsafe environments" we would all walk to work wearing kevlar from head to toe and eat only food we prepare for ourselves. This idea that all risk and danger should be removed form life is wrongheaded.


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When we were kids, we played hard and got our share of scrapes and bruises. Four boys - go figure. A kid today has a bruise and the school calls in social workers and parents are interrogated. So, parents have kids avoid all things remotely unsafe