OT: Nigerian Soccer: Plateau United wins promotion over Police Machine FC

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With promotion to the lowest tier of the Nigerian Nationwide League Division on the line, two soccer clubs — Plateau United Feeders and Police Machine FC  — needed to win their respective games by the largest possible goal difference. By halftime, each game was close: Plateau United led its game 7-0 against Akurba FC, while Police Machine led 6-0 over Bubayaro FC, according to the BBC. With officials keeping an eye on the scores around the league, the second half devolved into a farce. Police Machine scored 61 times in the second half to win 67-0, but Plateau United scored 72 goals in the 45-minute second half to earn promotion.


The astronomic scorelines prompted an immediate investigation by the Nigerian Football Federation, and a severe punishment was levied Monday. All players and coaches from each of the four clubs have been banned from the game for life, and each club faces a 10-year ban from playing in a domestic league. The NFF also recommended banning each of the match referees involved.



This is really too bad, because Police Machine FC is the best soccer team name ever.



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I laid the $1,000,000 I am getting from the Nigerian Prince who was emailing me on Police Machine FC at minus 65 and they covered.


What a day!  Whatta country

Creedence Tapes

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Well, according to article 6 section 15C of the FIFA rules book, "The team scoring the greater number of goals during a match is the winner. If both teams score an equal number of goals, or if no goals are scored, the match is drawn. If any team scores more than 2 goals in a half, both teams will be disqualified and suspended for scoring too many goals"


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I think is obvious that the winning teams paid perhaps both referees and rival tams, one thing is to score say 20 goals on a game, but 70 in half a game? that's one every 40 seconds, some celebrations take more time than that.... 


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Clearly the weaker teams knew what they were getting into in the second half. Unless there is proof of bribery or some other disincentive to competition I cannot support a lifetime ban for all four teams and coaches.


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I hope my Nigerian prince friend isn't involved in this fraud. He emailed me the other day about helping him get some money out of a Swiss bank account. I hope this business transaction goes swimmingly.