OT- Nick Swisher goes full Bro-h-i-o

Submitted by WMUgoblue on July 9th, 2013 at 12:27 AM

In case you missed it, quite a rare and funny play happened in the Tigers-Indians game tonight. Nick Swisher got caught not running out a grounder down the line and payed the price in a closely contested game.





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The ball was never "not live". It only becomes a dead ball if the fielder touches the ball, the ball hits an object (fence, batter, offensive player in foul territory, defensive player in foul territory, passes first or third base and deemed a foul ball, and/or goes over the fence and out of play) therefore it is free to roll back into fair territory. You often see a defensive player do the opposite of what Pena did and let the ball roll from fair territory into foul but bc swisher just stood there Pena made a very intelligent play.


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People always thought he was some beloved player here in NY, but from my recollection people around here thought he was kind of an idiot with the Yankees.  I know he's been hitting okay for the Indians, but there's a reason people weren't dying to get Nick Swisher on their team when he became a FA.


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It was extra innings, the only thing that changes the outlook of the game is Brantley (the tying run) scoring, who was standing on 1st base.  If there was a game winning HR, or a double in the gap in which Brantley was able to score from first, I'd have to think that Swisher would find some way to score from 3rd base in front him unless he had an aneurysm half way to home plate.


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Common man...what do you expect for a measly 14MM per year?  If they're going to pay the man slave wages then they cant really expect him to go all out every play now can they?  Think about it...he's got to rest up every now and then (baseball is VERY hard you know) so this play is apparently when Nick needed to take his break.


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Living in Columbus proper, this raging tool calls in sometimes to 97.1 the fan. He is the definition of how not to raise your children. He's an embarrassment to the English language, math and sweat bands.


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I'm a little confused, was the ball hit fair to begin with?  In that case, why would Pena have to wait for it to roll fair?  Is this one of those weird rules like foul tips into the catcher's mitt only being an out when there are two strikes?


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No this is a ball that was hit directly into the batter's box ahead of home plate and goes down the line, now if Pena or any Tiger's player fields the in foul territory than it's ruled a foul ball.

What Pena did was look back to see if Swisher was running the play out because if he was than Pena fields the ball in foul territory but he saw that Swisher wasn't moving so he waited it out hoping to get an easy out, and he was rewarded for his patience.


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No. The ball started foul. But it rolled back into fair territory before it got down the line past third (which would officially make it a foul ball). Swisher going "brohio" as the OP put it just makes it odd because it should have either been a foul ball or an infield hit


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He went "Brohio" by not running the play out, if he does then it's just a foul ball because Pena would have picked it up in foul territory, you can clearly see him look back at Swisher who hasn't moved from the batter's box, instead of just an 0-2 count it's the 1st out of the inning.


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Infield hit less plausible. And could have resulted in a throw to first. But regardless, that play happens quite often in baseball (reading the ball down a line). What isn't frequent is the catcher running back towards the box tagging the guy out while laughing hysterically