OT - Nick Saban nabs 5 star by offering his gf a job

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Title says it all.


Remember the 5 star at the UA AA Bowl who chose Alabama despite his mom sitting next to him, who wanted him to go to LSU? According to the mom, Saban closed the deal by offering the recruits girlfriend a job. Bama of course can't comment on any prospective student athlete until after a LOI comes in. But this, while dirty as all hell, isn't actually against NCAA rules. It only is for basketball recruiting. The NCAA makes zero sense. If we were worried about Saban finding new loopholes after the SEC "cracked" down on oversigning, here's one he found.



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Sadly, this does not surprise me at all.  Saban has no respect for the "spirit of the law" and can find any loophole in the "letter of the law."  He has put winning above everything else.


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Who at the NCAA had the bright idea to write this rule.... ONLY FOR BASKETBALL RECRUITS!!


"The NCAA passed a new bylaw in 2010 pertaining specifically to men's basketball that prohibits a university from employing an individual associated with a prospective student-athlete. This bylaw, however, does not apply to college football recruits. According to NCAA bylaw

"In men's basketball, during a two-year period before a prospective student-athlete's anticipated enrollment and a two-year period after the student-athlete's actual enrollment, an institution shall not employ an individual associated with the prospective student-athlete in any athletics department non-coaching staff position."


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The ESPN article makes it seem like she is pissed that her son has grown up to be his own man/feeling left out because she raised him. 

By all accounts he was mommy's boy growing up but after Katrina and his desire to play football at Ducktown instead of inner city NOLA she let him move in with his father and after that his father began to play a central figure in his college decisions and mom stayed home.

She really does need to STFU as the kid told her he was commiting to Alabama before he left for the UA game and he had to beg her to show up and she still pulled that "OMG I cant believe you just did that" stunt.    


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...when it comes to ethics.  She's an LSU homer who needs to calm down and accept her son's decision as opposed to caring only about a game.  

If I was Les, I wouldn't want her around my program anyway.  Why put up with the threat of her going to the media if her kid wasn't getting enough playing time?  

kevin holt

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Seems like his mom is either determined to justify her actions when he signed, but she has to realize that she's not going to be famous (if anything, her son will be) and has no reputation to protect. She'll always be remembered from that moment, even if she was right.

Then again, it also looks like she's determined to keep the spotlight and probably won't go away during his career.


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I agree to a point, parents need to be as supportive of their children as they can be.  But, being a parent means you need to lead your child in the right direction in life, before you support the decisions they make.

I tell my son he needs more extra curriculars, and he tells me he wants to join a gang.  It's not that I wouldn't support him if he chose the crips, when we're clearly bloods in our family.

It's that I wouldn't support .any shicester activity, like that of Nick Saban.  Nick Saban is a shicester.


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I feel the same way about a lot of things.  U of M is a no smoking campus?!  I can't smoke on public ground outside?!  That wasn't in the rulebook when I applied to Michigan.

You can't smoke in bars anymore?!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!  Unamerican is what that is.

I can't buy a pack of Camel Signature blends anymore?!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

I mean, I quit smoking....


Perkis-Size Me

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how does the ncaa not feel at least a moral obligation to do something about this? i mean saban will be a great coach whether he continues these practices or not, but don't they notice that something fundamentally wrong is going on here?


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At this point with Saban, I'd expect the title to be "Nick Saban nabs 5 star by offering HJ, BJ, and ZJ on top of Camaro with 54" rims, threat to kill a rabbit."


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what's to stop any program from offering every 5* recruits "girlfriend" a job as an "executive assistant" or "aide to the coach" for 80k a year?... Cecil Newton ad infinium? 


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So if Brady Hoke doesn't offer jobs to the friends and family members of recruits, that means he's one of the "sheep" who's really just a loser?

Are Ohio State's opponents "sanctimonius turds" for believing that OSU obtained unfair recruiting advantages by turning a blind eye to cars, tats, and god knows what else?

Do you believe that people "get little undeserving token jobs based on who they know every single day" from UM's athletic dept., and therefore we shouldn't criticize Saban?


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You can't tie the cars and tats back the recruiting process. Not even the more flimsy rumors in the last year carried tales of promised hook-ups to unsigned players. So yeah, you're sanctimonious there and pretty biased as well.

Michigan's athletic department probably does give jobs to people based on who they know just like pretty much any large organization in the United States. Not everyone who deserves certain jobs gets them. Just a fact of life and everyone here knows it, making the GASPING more than a little disingenious.

The ONLY reason we even know about this story right now is because the kid's mom is such a loose cannon.


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I love people acting all indignant about a recruit's girlfriend getting a job. WHO CARES?!?! WHO REALLY GETS HURT?!?!

Some of you sanctimonious turds hold this up as some great assault on integrity when in the real world - something the NCAA rarely mimmicks - people get little undeserving token jobs based on who they know every single day.




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BRCE (speaking of turds) said...

Some of you sanctimonious turds hold this up as some great assault on integrity when in the real world - something the NCAA rarely mimmicks - people get little undeserving token jobs based on who they know every single day.

Except there aren't rules at my work place against enticing a potential employee with a job for his girlfriend.


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...supposed to govern what's permissable in the realm of hiring HS/AAU coaches/mentors. We've seen instances where HS FB coaches have been hired as coaches/administrators by college programs to entice recruits. Whether that's kosher is debatable, but it seems clear that the wording of the bylaw has created a loophole wide enough to drive a semi through.