OT - Nick Fairley arrested again

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I said it when we drafted him, and I'll say it again. This dude is a bum. He even tried to elude the police. 

Along with his marijuana charge earlier, this guy is a total head case and has no respect for the opportunity the Lions franchise gave him. Seems like he could be a real waste of talent.



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I've been a life-long Lions' fan, but these guys are really testing my patience.  Fairley obviously didn't learn anything from his previous arrest last month.  I figure he'll probably get some sort of suspension for this, but I hope the Lions go above and beyond and suspend him for the entire season and force his dumb ass to rehab and counseling.  He is in desperate need of a wake-up call, and I think it's time that the Lions stopped catering to the few bad apples who could ruin the season for the rest of the team.  Time for some tough love.

French West Indian

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Some of these kids are such idiots.  They realistically only have one job opportunity (and an insanely lucrative one at that) yet they still can't keep themselves out of trouble.  Good grief.


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"road pops" between the bucket seats of his truck.  When the cooler was empty, he would go through the drive-thru liquor store  -- no sense wasting valuable time and energy actually getting out of his truck to purchase beer.

/ cool Alabama story bro


EDIT:  Of course, he comes from the shallow end of the family gene pool.  Every family has one.


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and i'll say it again, in college he was a one hit wonder, I'd honestly never heard his name before his last year. He's a loser, there were better D tackles out there. kick this lazy mofo to the curb


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Wow what a way to waste such a opportunity! His mom must be so proud. Time to cut ties and let him destroy his career and not the franchise.


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Cut him and then send a letter to every other GM in the league explaining that he's an immature, self-entitled waste of talent with no respect for anything or anyone. That would send a message.

True Blue Grit

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Fairley is just proving all of us right who thought the Lions made another poor draft decision in taking a high-risk player with a penchant for doing stupid things.  


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This is so *Lions* it almost hurts. Keep the Fords involved and there will always be potential for nonsense (going back at least to Reggie Rogers). Is it a curse? I haven't a clue, but it sure is darkly interesting.


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Driving around with an open container has never been "accepted" here, come on.  We are only one of a few beaches that allow open containers on the beach and the boardwalk.  But seriously dude, open conatiners have never been allowed while driving.

Zone Left

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Alabama had permissive open container laws prior to 2000. In many states, people used to be able to have a beer while driving, but still could not be legally under the influence. The federal government effectively shut that practice down by making a ban a condition for receiving highway money.

Fairley is too young to know any different (or should be at least), but older folks in those states do remember and habits can be hard to break for the especially special.


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The mugshot per Fox10 News...

Well, if nothing else, he seems pleased with himself. I really would rather not have someone whose arrests I can set my watch by on this or any other team. The discipline has to start somewhere, and if it means doing something dramatic like cutting this dude then I am OK with that. I love the Lions, but it seems they've overlooked character in the pursuit of building the franchise, and in the long-term, it seems like the off-field problems could eclipse the success unless they start sending a different message now. 


May 28th, 2012 at 12:07 AM ^

He's pleased with himself, because he is a complete moron.. look at him when he talks, or when he talks.. he is a fucking idiot.. period..  Sorry, some of these kids have no clue how to handle money or talent.  They are a joke and a bust.. he being one of them, end of story... 


He will be bankrupt and on the streets in 2 years tops