True Blue Grit

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I believe this is what sets apart Michigan from the "football factories".  The latter attracts athletes with one main pitch - "We'll prepare you for the NFL" - with little emphasis on the long term benefits of a quality degree from a prestigious university.   The smart H.S. athletes pick a school that will benefit them for the rest of their lives; especially post-football.  I suppose it's fine for a player like Bosa to go with the football factory, as he has always been a sure-fire NFL high draft pick.  But what about all the rest?  


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Not a minor detail. It means his move is permanent without regard to last-minute change of heart. In the way these things are followed as it pertains to The Game, this is actually a newsworthy nugget. Claiming otherwise suggests you knew this all along. You didn't. So, why challenge the preciseness of the report.


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i guarantee you that if he wanted to play against us they’d let him suit up even if he didn’t attend a class or set foot on campus for a minute between now and the game. 

all they care about is football; nobody goes there to play school and nobody in charge gives two shits about anything other than wins


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The question isn't that, the question is, did the school consider him a student outside of his identity as such and role for their benefit. Or was he just an investment opportunity in the school's financial stock as it relates to its life as an institution.

The fact is, millions of kids go to school and discover that it's not for them and drop out. Some have relevant skills to fall back on and make a productive life for themselves. Others keep searching. Either way, the institution moves on. Always remember, the institution lives without the feelings that those who matriculate through its hallways hold for it after graduation.

Champ Kind

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There’s zero chance news this big isn’t on the board almost  immediately. It hit twitter several hours ago, so just assume it’s already here...multiple times.


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So, our suspicions are confirmed . . . they don't go there to play school.  Only football.

If football is done, no point in hanging around.


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Please, how many of us would have stayed to finish school when were all but guaranteed a 30 million dollar payday??? C’mon. Says nothing about the school. 


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I don't post new threads here anymore.  Why?  Because the treatment OP is experiencing is quite common.  Indeed, it is the norm.  Too many people are more are more interested in tearing down other MgoMembers than in discussing football.  In case you were wondering, yes, everyone is impressed with how smart you are when you attack other posters for not being as informed as you are about every tiny detail of every previous thread.


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To be fair it was announced that the rehab is going to take 12 weeks. The specialist that did the surgery is in Philly and will do the recovery rehab for Bosa in Philly. Would you really risk $60 million for one  bowl game or one possible play off game?