OT: NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

Submitted by Jmilan on April 3rd, 2013 at 10:59 AM
In about 4 hours the trade deadline for the NHL is up. As a wings fan I don't think they make any moves. In my opinion there isn't much out there to get without giving up too much, but we will see. I know there is a lot of Blackhawks fans on this board, I doubt they make any major moves, but you never know. Calgary is having a yard sale and I'm also interested to see Luongo moves.



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Clowe, Jagr, and Roy were all fairly big moves.  I like what Calgary is doing, they might be following in Edmonton's footsteps.  

Quite a few defensemen have been moving around too. 


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I did enjoy the trade yesterday that sent Marc-Andre Bergeron to Carolina. Carolina sent Adam Hall (of MSU fame) and a draft pick to Tampa for Bergeron, after Carolina claimed Hall off waivers about a month ago from Tampa.


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Sure, it's not the dominance of our division that we have come to expect, but it's still been exciting.  One weekend, we take down the Ducks twice in Anaheim, the next we are losing 7-0 at home to the Hawks.  

I think the Wings are poised for a great playoff run if they get healthy.


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All kidding aside, I just wish they would do...something. Anything at all really. We have been in a steady decline since losing the cup in '09. The moves we have made haven't made us better, but they rather kept us barely afloat.

The boat is sinking, and rather than abandon ship, or save the whole thing, it seems the wings are content with dumping out as much water as is coming in.

I find it hard to watch them this year. And I don't blame it on the players or coaches. It is because in the back of my mind, I know Holland hasn't taken any measures in improving this team for the past 3 seasons.



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I feel that way too, especially about our lack of free agent acquisitions the past couple of years.  We're sitting on a ton of salary cap money and we've got Justin Abdelkader and Dan Cleary playing on the top line with Pavel Datsyuk.


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this season and I'm honestly just hoping they make the playoffs. Still very questionable on defense and the power play is still not impressing me on special teams. If we get in Im betting on an early quarterfinals exit. As for the rest of the league Boston Pittsburgh and Montreal are my top 3 cup teams for this playoff year. Although teams like Winnipeg and Carolina have looked very impressive as of late. We'll see what happens but I'm not getting my hopes up on the Wings making a cup run. We've lost the season series vs Chicago and the CBJ we have some serious issues on this team.

Also when do I get my points back its been a month.


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I'd rather see the Wings sit tight again and use up their salary cap with one or two big off season moves.  Maybe a top line forward.  Now that the power play is clicking, the need to get an offensive defenseman doesn't seem as great as it did before.


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Holland has certainly earned the right to sit tight.  However, he's been sitting tight at the trade deadline the past 3-4 years... as well as missing out on the summer free agents.  Last year everyone was fine with sitting tight because we would be getting Parise and/or Suter over the summer... when that didn't work out evryone was looking at our cap space and assuming with the new CBA we'd be buyers at the trade deadline... but again, we do nothing.  If we were in rebuilding mode it wouldn't be a big deal to sit tight, but we have 2 of the best forwards in the league and 1 of the best dmen... and all 3 are in their 30's.


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I would characterize us as being in semi-rebuilding mode.  The Wings are basically an average NHL team now. 

Even if we were in full rebuilding mode though, your team doesn't benefit from passing up opportunities to sign big time free agents who are in their late 20s and have maybe 10 more good years in them.  Since we aren't getting lottery picks, we're not going to be getting any of those 18 year old phenoms who have an almost instant impact.  We're either going to have to find late draft gold again (and wait four years for him to develop) or buy some talent. 

I do think that Holland knows what he is doing as well as anyone in the league, but it's hard not to look at the Red Wings organization as a whole and see a rather ominous future. 


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People ragging on this team conveniently forget that they have essentially been down an entire line - Bert, Sammy, and Helm- all season. Not to mention the retirement of the best defensemen in a generation. For them, just make the playoffs and I'll call that a successful season (especially this shortened season).

Most people are upset that Holland is happy with a 7th place team, but I think he likes what he's seeing from young guys like Tatar, Andersson, Kindl, Nyquist, and Lashoff and knows that in order to pull in a Jagr or Pominville, he would likely have to trade a couple of these guys and mortage the future. I think (hope) his strategy is to get what they can out of this season and improve the team through free agency where the Wings can do some damage with the cap space they have.


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To be fair what do Sammy and Bert bring to this team? Sammy is a has been and there aren't any shootouts in the playoffs so Bert isn't as useful (this last comment is a little tongue in cheek) I just don't think the old guys bring as much to this team as a trade would. Helm is a different story, when he's on the ice there is a noticable difference but he's been routinely set back in his rehab, so can you really rely on him in a 7 game series?


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X 10

Last year, Babcock (or maybe Holland) felt better putting a 75% effective Dan Cleary and a washed up Tomas Holmstrom in the lineup than some of our young talent, and the team was garbage for basically the last two months.  A legitimately talented guy who has been in the minors for a couple of years should be able to crack that lineup.  Especially if you're talking about a future top 6 forward.  When you're in that situation, I don't buy the "they like them over-ripe" argument anymore. 


April 3rd, 2013 at 3:04 PM ^

Pittsburgh is stacked.  They picked up Jussi Jokinen today.

Huge move for CBJ and NYR again (Nash before) with Gaborik to the Jackets for Brassard, Dorsett, Moore, and a pick.  I think it is a great move for Columbus.  They will continue to get better, which isn't good for the Wings.  

Rumors about Minnesota picking up Pominville, and Luongo leaving Vancouver.  But it is now the deadline, so I don't think anything happened.

Edit: Pominville just has to waive his no-trade clause for the deal to finalize