OT - NHL Awards live on Versus - Lidstrom wins Norris for 7th time

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Bobby Orr had 8.


Mr Mackey

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I was in the process of making a thread.. Lidstrom is such an inspiration to all young hockey players and people everywhere. 

Also, that guy who said he wants to be in jail with Lidstrom was funny / creepy..

What other awards have been awarded?


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He's an absolute class act. One of the best defensemen who ever lived. Can't wait to see his sweater hanging up in the Joe (or new Red Wings arena) someday


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I would have been devastated if Lidstrom retired right now when he still has so much ability.

Really impressive that he keeps playing at such a high level

Mr Mackey

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If that's directed at the "class act that quietly does his job," then this wins the award for dumbest post ever.

If it's directed at the "He's taken for granted," it could be true. Detroit doesn't take him for granted, but I think a lot of other people do.


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I think the vast majority of hockey fans that like the sport enough to watch a game outside their home market do appreciate Lidstrom.  I think he's generally recognized as 1) the best defenseman in a generation, and 2)a  top 15 player all time.  Admittedly his due  recognition in Detroit only came after he ws captain for a couple of years, but I think the appreciation is there.


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He cleaned up on Norris trophies before Stevie Y retired and wore the A for years and was already being called one of the greatest D-Men of his time.  He won the Conn Smythe back in 02 as well.  He's been appreciated for a long time.  I'd agree if you said he wasn't really appreciated until he started winning Norris trophies but he was a pretty young player then and we had a bunch of veteran d-men for a while. 


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Stick around a few more years to make it 9 times winning the Norris.

What a great guy to lead the team.  I feel so spoiled being a wings fan.

Mr Mackey

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I can't watch them, but did the Selke or Lady Byng get announced yet? Seems like Datsyuk might not be able to win the Selke, and I'm not sure about Lidstrom's chances with Lady Byng (which is the worst name for a trophy ever)


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make Lidstrom the oldest person to win the Norris?  I'd assume so, but if anybody has more presice data, it would be welcome.  Also, is that a distinction he already had, or did he slip past someone else in the last two years?



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coffey doesnt belong in the same sentence with orr and lidstrom.  he was a purely offensive defenseman who was often a liability on the back end.  also, he played with gretzky, lemieux, and yzerman/fedorov during the prime of his career.  you put a guy like mike green into coffey's spot on those teams, and i dont think you'd see much of a drop off.


ray bourque, eddie shore, doug harvey, red kelly, chris chelios, and denis potvin are all higher on the list than coffey.


June 22nd, 2011 at 8:53 PM ^

Coffee had an extra gear.  He wasn't great in his own zone but he's an underrated defensemen.  I don't think you'll see another player like Coffey ever again.  And so what if he played with great players? What great players haven't had talent around them? Gretzky played with Messier and Kurri.  Lemieux played with Francis and Jagr, Sakic had Roy and Forsberg.  I'm too young to have watched him in person but from the footage I've seen, there won't be another player like him again.  Talent wise, a player like that will exist and system wise, the NHL is a different league now. 


June 23rd, 2011 at 10:04 AM ^

People have made similar complaints about Orr: great offensive defenseman; changed how defenders play the game; "solid..." defender is what some have said. Unfortunately I was too young to watch Coffey, but lots of good players get to play with other good players. Can't disqualify him for having talented teammates.


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Sometimes as fans we not only take Nick, but the Wings for granted. They have been the model of consistency for the last 20 years.  It will be interesting to see what Ken Holland does, with the cap money he has. Free agent pickings are pretty slim this year.


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Lidstrom and Vlad as rookies in '91.  Thought it was a cool pic given tonight's milestone and puts a little perspective on how long he's been around.


 Nicklas Lidstrom signs for 20th season  with Red Wings