OT - NFL Free Agency Opens at 4PM EDT

Submitted by JeepinBen on March 13th, 2012 at 4:04 PM

Or now. First thing I saw is my Bears got Brandon Marshall from the Dolphins for 2 third  rounders. Reunited with Cutler, hopefully he can keep his head on straight.

Post any deals/crazyness whatever here. Off the top of my head:

Randy Moss is a 49er, Hardwick stayed in SD, the Saints kept Colston....



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this is the greatest freaking recap of the Browns and the way they play, use free agency, and draft lol. Not a fan of the Browns, though my team is just as bad well use to be untill Al Davis passed. I think the new Raider regime is gonna bing the black and silver back to Just Win Baby. But your stance on the Brownies is just perfect.

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Brandon Marshall is not anywhere near worth the trouble. He only shows up half the time and if I had to put money on the next player to end up in jail, it would be him.  Jay Cutler + Marshall = most overrated QB/WR pairing in the NFL.

With that said, for two 3rd rd picks you cant really get mad at the Bears for doing it.

Stephen Hawking

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In 2007 and 2008 when Cutler and Marshall were together, here are Marshall's stats:


2008: 104 Receptions for 1265 yards with average yards per game at 84.3 and 6 TDs

2007: 102 Receptions for 1325 yards with average yards per game at 82.8 and 7 TDs


And then at the same time, you said one can't be mad for trading two 3rd round picks for Marshall. That sounds like you think it's a good move for the Bears and that he IS worth the trouble.

You get a 3/10 but all three points are entirely because you made me respond to your dumb posts twice.

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Thanks for the yet-to-be replicated, five year old statistics.

No one denies that BM is as talented as they come, but other factors make him less attractive. 

1) Since his first couple years in the league he has been rather mediocre.  You can say that part of it is due to poor quarterbacking, but when balls are hitting you in the hands and you are not catching them, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Seems to me that he was motivated his first few years in the league to prove to everyone that he was better than a fourth round draft pick, and now that he has gotten paid, he could care less.  Do I think he could be decent with the Bears?  Sure.  But I do not think his heart is in the game, and compounded with the off the field issues, I don't like him.  Which leads nicely to the next point.

2) BM is a criminal who belongs in jail.  Anyone who denies that he has been involved in multiple domestic abuse issues is as naive as they come.  Any non-athlete would either be in jail, or dealing with other major punishments.  Domestic abuse is something I take very seriously for a multitude of reasons, and for that alone I do not like BM.

3) Saying that "you cannot be too mad" is quite different from approval.  If I were a Bears fan I would "not be too mad" about this deal.  I do not like BM.  I think he is a very dangerous player to bring into your organization.  I think he is at best a decent #1/good #2 receiver.  Two third round picks are worth that price normally, but when you combine that with BM's personal issues, it gets a bit foggy.  I am not gunna bash the Bears since they didn't give up much, but I will bash the ever so predictable Chicago fans for acting like this deal automatically makes them the favorite to win the NFC North next year. 


Stephen Hawking

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and vastly improves a Chicago receiving corps that ranked near the bottom of the league. And he's only 27. Plus the Bears got him at an exceptional value; that is reason enough to consider this deal a positive one. One 3rd round pick this year and next year is a very low price to pay for an elite WR in the NFL. And make no mistake; Marshall is an elite receiver.

Frankly, I don't condone what he did in the past. However, he's taken steps to improve himself and embrace the fact that he has a condition. Additionally, as a fan I don't really care about off field issues as long as a player can produce on the field. We can debate morality all day but I don't care too. I care most about the Bears winning a Super Bowl and I feel this move gets the Bears closer to that goal.

The reason I used those statistics is because that's the last time Cutler and Marshall were paired up. Since they're both in the primes of their careers, I see no reason to consider these stats irrelevant.

As for the drops, those are common for any high-usage WR, which Marshall is. Check out this chart and you'll recognize that there are many big name guys on this list:


I haven't mentioned the fact that the Bears are now the NFC North favorites this year, but I definitely think they can contend for the division and Wild Card this year along with Green Bay and Detroit.

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I disagree that he is an elite receiver.  I see Earl Bennett having a better year with BM drawing attention away from him (which obviously makes the team better, I know..).  Agree to disgaree though.  I guess I just have a bad history with many Chicago fans and the franchise in general lol.  They are the NFL's version of Ohio to me.


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I believe that Marshall announced after his trade to Miami that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder and had been working with medication and psychologists to better control his behavior. The fact that his fiance (I think?) stabbed him last year or the year before really worries me though. That's not normal behavior.

Hopefully Jay can motivate him and be a positive influence. Since that was a trade for picks, what are we gonna do with the rest of our cap room? OL, DL, and S help please! Oh, and for the love of Lloyd Brady get us a backup QB.


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Well, there goes my theory that Manning and Wayne would be Dolphins. I thought Peyton, Marshall and Wayne would be a good squad. I'm hearing it's down to the Cardinals and the Broncos. I think he should go to the 49ers if he really wanted a ring in his first year. Especially now that they signed Moss. Oh well, though. He's still no Tom Brady!


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Lions have no room to do anything. Not being able to sign Calvin to a long term deal is killing them. I would not expect many big names to come popping up since they are 10 mil.? over the cap as it is.


March 13th, 2012 at 4:41 PM ^

Martellius bennett to visit giants


Curtis Lofton lb -- signs with bucs


Pierre Garcon and skins talking

Robert Meachem is a bill

Chad Henne talking to Jags and Jets

mario Williams to visit  bills first

Laurent Robinson to visit Jags

Tulloch to visit Dolphins


March 13th, 2012 at 4:45 PM ^

Eric Winston visiting with Miami.


Bears to make run at Carl Nicks


and for humor--Albert Haynesworth and JaMarcus Russell to make a run at Golden Corral


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Bears' most glaring need was wide receiver.  Fans wanted them to back up the truck for one of the WR free agents.

This trade, though, confirms the rumor of the last few days:  Bears are not going to spent the free agency & on a WR, but instead must be going HARD after Mario Williams.  With him on one end and Julius Peppers on the other, Bears are trying to assemble the greatest pass rush in the NFL to chase Packer and Lion QBs.


March 13th, 2012 at 5:01 PM ^

Bucs and Eagles pushing to get Carl Nicks in their building first. Tampa lookin to use some of that big cap space quickly it seems!


keep him out of chicago !

Cowboys and Carr - 7 M is the rumor


Josh Morgan to Redskins looks like done deal


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I am surprised that the Lions did not take care of the needs of Avril and Johnson earlier. Obvious those deals are hindering them.

Perkis-Size Me

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as a bucs fan, i'm hoping this is finally the year where the glazers wise up and use some of that money they never spend for us.

i'm probably going to be set up for disappointment on this one, but here's to hoping we can somehow snag vincent jackson and mario williams.


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I love both the Titans and Lions and I can honestly say that Finnegan is a great player. You love him on your team, hate him on any other. He's feisty and aggressive. Hope he stays in TN or goes to Detroit. Only visit he has planned I saw was St. Louis? 


March 13th, 2012 at 6:07 PM ^

Lions interested in tulloch, david hawthorne,and laron landry

G/T Geoff schwartz visiting lions soon


Carl Nicks is a Buc

LaRon Landry to make visits. Interested teams are Jets, Philly, Det, Chi

San Francisco, Washington and Tampa Bay all pursuing free-agent CB Eric Wright

Patriots expect to sign WR Matthew Slater back today and working on a few other deals...

TE John Carlson has a visit set with the Chiefs 

Report: Flynn race between Seattle, Miami

Titans DL Jason Jones has visits set up with St Louis and Seattle and other teams continuing to inquire

Drew Stanton to visit Jets

Redskins re-sign DL Adam Carriker to a 4yr, $20M deal with $7M guaranteed

Ben Grubbs to visit Saints

Lofa Totupu to visit falcons


March 13th, 2012 at 6:08 PM ^

Jet's are pursuing Chaz Schilens along with the Cardinals.


TE John Carlson receiving interest from the Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Buccaneers and Giants.


March 13th, 2012 at 6:13 PM ^

Michael Bush talking with Arizona..ad Chaz Schillens as interested in zona

Chargers are interested in Laurent Robinson who is on the way to Jacksonville at the moment.

Panthers cut starting LG Travelle Wharton

Eddie Royal a redskins - 3 wr in one day