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Submitted by RakeFight on August 23rd, 2012 at 9:43 AM

For those MGoBloggers that also play NFL Fantasy Football, have you found any particular website helpful in their information or advice? 

I've found it harder to keep up as my life has gotten busier, and I used fantasyguru . com last year, but wasn't all that impressed.  What's your experience with other nfl fantasy football websites?



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I would agree that ESPN probably has the most complete coverage, but a favorite of mine is Fantasy Football Toolbox (fftoolbox.com) as they allow you to input your leagues scoring in order to provide custom cheet sheets. These are obviously based on their own projections, but I use this as a starting point every year before I start to play with the list based upon ESPN and other sources.


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Not really that great for in season but the Draft Predictor software from fantasysharks.com is awesome.  I have been using it for about 4 years and it beats paper cheat sheets and it's greener.


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Seconding the recomendations of footballguys.com . Hands down the best FF website out there. They also have a weekly podcast if you're into that sort of thing. Sigmund Bloom is one of the best FF analysts out there right now and they routinely go deeper than most FF websites.

As someone else mentioned Fantasypros.com is great for weekly lineup decisions.


And of course, FootballOutsiders.com is good if you invest in the KUBIAK projections if you're a stat-head.


good luck!


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fantasyguru.com, and I love it, so I'm curious as to what you didn't like.


Its $30 for the year, or $50 for two years.  They have great draft prep, and once the season starts, they have weekly projections, game previews from a fantasy perspective, recaps, stock watches, trade advice, free agent outlook, etc.  Not to mention a ton of statistical / numbers analysis that I rarely even use.  You can also enter your leagues scoring system to get player projections and custom cheat sheets for your different leagues.  I've won my league 4 out of the the 7 years I've been using them, so its working for me.  Problem is, over half my league is on to it now!


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Although the podcast is boring and Eisenberg has a bad voice, he gives great advice over at CBSsports. I won last year using a lot of their info and rankings. They speak directly with players and coaches so they're plugged in.

I used to listen to Matthew Berry and he is very good, but he used "listen" as well as "and oh by the way" far too much on his podcast. I couldn't handle it anymore. Plus everyone uses him and I didn't want the same info 9 other guys in my league were getting.


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CBSsports has good rankings that are updated almost every few days.  I tend to follow Eisenberg's rankings the most but that's my personal preference:


As someone mentioned above rotoworld is a good site as well.  I use it especially in the pre-season for injury and camp news updates.  See here for news/injury updates: