OT: NFL draft prospects with (state of) Michigan (but not UM/MSU) ties

Submitted by Jasper on April 21st, 2018 at 9:26 AM

Recruiting rankings have value, yes, but this Freep article is evidence that under-the-radar players can become NFL prospects:


The story of the guy from Ferris State is particularly impressive.

I hope some our low-rated '18 recruits can get there someday.



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Okorafor was a guy I remember coming out of high school who was huge and had potential, but he was extremely raw. Some people wonder how big-time NFL talent can come out of those small schools, but places like WMU and CMU can afford to take chances on guys who are far away from high ceilings.

Avonte Maddox was a superstar at Detroit King, but he was just tiny. He's 5'9", 184 lbs. coming out of college. I was a little surprised Brady Hoke didn't go after him.

rob f

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the best arm tats in the entire draft.

While I don't usually root for "Chips" except when they play the Sparties, I think it'd be great if Joe Ostman of CMU/St. Ignace HS gets drafted and succeeds in the NFL. No Yooper has made it in the pros since Rob Rublick had a pretty good Detroit career back when the Lions drafted him out of GVSU back in '82.

Other than that, Go Broncos! I especially like the chances of Okorafor and Phillips sticking in the NFL and think Franklin might have a chance to at least make a practice squad.


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Desmond King was a steal in last year’s NFL draft...

76 combined tackles, 4 sacks, 5 PDs and a 90 yard pick 6 during his rookie season. Not too shabby.