OT: NFL Draft Day 1 recap/Day 2 open thread

Submitted by Moleskyn on April 26th, 2013 at 11:29 AM

Slow morning, so what did you think of the first round of the draft? What do you think of your team's pick(s)? My 3 favorite NFL teams are the Lions, Bengals, and Pats:

Lions - took Ezekiel Ansah 5th overall. I had never heard of him, but it sounds like he's got insane physical tools a lot of potential. I don't know enough about the guy to feel one way or another about him, but DE was a need.

Bengals - took Tyler Eifert 21st overall. While a good pick, I was a bit confused. It's like not the Bengals really NEEDED to take a tight end in the first round. But I think he'll fit in well, and the Bengals passing attack is going to be sick next year.

Patriots - traded their pick to Minnesota, so they have the 20th and 27th picks in the 2nd round. I'd like to think they will take Denard in the second round, especially since Kiper projects that they will take a WR with the 27th pick (he says Aaron Dobson, who is clearly inferior to Denard).

What are your thoughts?


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Well, sure who wouldn't prefer the elite player? But in the 3rd round no one is a sure fire elite player..  We got shafted a bit that all three of the top tackles were gone by pick 5... That wouldn't have happened 9 out of 10 years.  There a still a few tackles that would be as good of a pick as any other at this point in the draft.

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From NFL.com: "Warford translated his power as a drive-blocker, unexpected foot quickness and downfield hustle into a fantastic, decorated college career –- and should win his share of battles against NFL linemen when able to get his thick body moving quickly off the snap. That size, strength, and those surprising nimble feet should help him nab a draft slot in the top half of the draft and step into a starting lineup at the next level immediately."

I'll take it!


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He's an early 2nd rounder who fell to 3rd round due to interior OL runs at 1st round. He's a big guy who can dominate at in-line blocking.  Stephen Peterman replacement.

Mr. Yost

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...yet another shot...Hoke has put in more recruited players in the draft from SDSU than Rich Rod has at Michigan.

I don't care who the coaches are. I don't care of Tom Landry is coaching at SDSU and I'm coaching Michigan. Michigan should ALWAYS have more drafted players.


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So Mr. Yost has this thing in which a player must have been recruited personally by either Rodriguez, or Hoke.

So who are the "Hoke" recruits from San Diego State?

Do not start with Ryan Lindley; he was recruited by Del Miller.

Do not use Miles Burris; he was a class of 2006 kid, pre-Hoke.

Jerome Long?  Was he a Hoke recruit?  I don't think so.

I think it comes down to making a grand pronouncement of some ersatz statistic, comparing 2009's Ronnie Hillman, Gavin Escobar and Leon McFadden to 2009's Taylor Lewan, Denard Robinson and anybody else whose name might get called; Will Campbell, I don't know who else offhand.  In other words, the data points that I requested consist of less than a handful of names, and quite possibly the exact same number of names.

I started out not knowing, and not understanding what was being claimed.  I'm still not so sure I understand.  But I think I'd like to call bullshit on this for now.

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Cardinals hoping Peterson can take Mathieu under his wing and keep him out of trouble.  Not a bad place for him to fall.  That could be a dangerous secondary if Mathieu comes through!

Mr. Yost

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Larry Warford

  • OG
  • Senior
  • 6-3, 332 lbs
  • Kentucky

2013 Draft Pick Info

Team Round PK(OVR)
DET 3 3(65)

2013 Draft Results

Overall Football Traits

Production 1 2009: Played 10 games (0 starts) 2010: Started all 13 at ROG 2011: Started all 12 at ROG 2012: Started all 12 at ROG
Height-Weight-Speed 3 Slightly shorter and heavier than the average NFL OG. Surprisingly good mobility for squatty build although top-end speed is well below average. Arm length (33.3') and hand span (9.4') are average.
Durability 1 Played in 47 games during his four-year career at Kentucky and started all 37 games during his final three seasons.
Intangibles 1 Good football intelligence and character. Not a vocal leader but does lead by example and is becoming more assertive. Has worked hard to drop weight from 350-pound range to 333 at the Senior Bowl and has significantly improved his conditioning over the past two seasons. No off-the-field baggage. Cousin of former UK CB Paul Warford.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Offensive Guard Specific Traits

Pass Protection 2 Just decent quickness in set. Lacks elite lateral agility but does a solid job of mirroring and sliding versus double moves. Keeps feet moving and stays balanced when working laterally. Better balance in pass pro than he does as a run blocker in space. Shows outstanding awareness in pass pro. Plays with a wide base and does a nice job of anchoring versus bull rush when he's set initially. Displays a powerful initial punch to jar defenders. Did not allow a sack during senior season.
Run Blocking 2 Thick, wide-body run blocker. Shows good initial pop and strong lower body to drive defenders off the line once he locks on. Made easy work of Georgia's massive NT/DE John Jenkins in 2012. Gets out quickly and takes good initial angles on pulls, traps and second-level blocks. Generally gets to the spot in time to make solid initial contact. However, he has a bad habit of lunging into initial contact rather than bringing his feet with him particularly when on the move on pulls or zone blocks and that leads to him falling off of some blocks.
Awareness 2 Experienced, savvy OG prospect. Outstanding awareness in pass pro. Does a very good job of providing help while maintaining solid positioning to pick any delayed pressure. Occasionally overruns his target and can appear a bit lost as a run blocker in space.
Toughness 2 Flashes a mean streak. Overall effort is good. Mentally tough. Clearly wears down late in games but effort does not drop off. Almost always plays through the whistle and frequently looks for more contact as he's working down the field as a run blocker.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal


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at the time of his pick (#65) was Arkansas Pine Bluff OT Terron Armstead.  Armstead was rated #48 while Warmack was rated #63 by CBS Sports' source.  Armstead fell all the way down to the 75th pick (Saints), so the Lions weren't the only team to pass on him.

Throwing confidence bands around the prospects ratings, I'd say that you can't reject the opinion that Warmack was the best OL available at the #65 pick.

Mr. Yost

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I can't help but hope and pray for Tyrann Matheiu's success.

I hope they make a movie about in in 25 years and it has the happiest of happy endings.

I couldn't help but feel his emotion, felt like he wanted his helmet right then and there...seems ready to go to work. But it's not about today. Can he have the same motivation in early July when the season is months away? What about after the season when everything has ended? What about 5-10 years from now when he started to believe he's conquered his demons? What about after he achieves success?

Still so many questions, but I'm pulling for him like no other. Best of luck to the young man, may he take this story and turn it into a fairytale ending.


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Just looked it up, they also had a QB (Ryan Lindley)  go in the 6th round.


At the press conference introducing Hoke as the Aztecs' new coach, Hoke told reporters, "Number one, this program is going to be a program that's based on toughness. To play football at the Division I level, to compete academically at the Division I level and balance both, you have to be tough-minded. You have to be physically tough and mentally tough." San Diego State compiled a 2–10 record the year before Hoke arrived. A sports writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune described the challenge facing Hoke: "It's going to be difficult for [Brady Hoke], because with the Aztecs, we're basically talking about a sea change in everything from A to Zed. This isn't Urban Meyer taking over at Florida, where the cupboard already was full of epicurean delights. State has rotting skeletons in its closet. The Aztecs haven't had a winning season since 1998, just seven since 1980." Hoke won a reputation for recruiting at San Diego State. His brother Jon Hoke, an assistant coach in the NFL, noted: "I don't care where it is, whether it's San Diego State or anywhere else, if there's one thing he can do it's recruit. He's as good at it as anybody. He's relentless with recruiting. He has a great feel for parents and a great feel for players. As long as you give him the budget to (recruit) the way it needs to be done, he'll be fine."

Hoke really built a foundation at SDSU and it was a much tougher job than people give him credit for. The recruiting part as we have seen, is right on the money.

Mr. Yost

April 27th, 2013 at 12:06 AM ^

Most didn't think he'd be drafted in the first 3 anyway.

I've always said late 4/early 5...however, I'm reading that he's a 6th round pick (which would be VERY disappointing, IMO)

I've also go BWC going in the 5th, Kovacs in the late 6th/early 7th and Demens late 7 (in fact, I'd like to see the Lions use their last pick on him).

Mr. Yost

April 27th, 2013 at 12:08 AM ^

...I wait on the OT and try and make a trade for someone this off-season. No reason to take someone who's just going to be a plug or stop-gap and not a longterm solution. I'd skip that position this draft and wait until you get closer to the season and use next years draft picks to get someone proven.

That said.

4th: Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M / Ace Sanders, WR, S. Carolina

5th: Barrett Jones, C, Alabama

6th: Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA / Jake Stoneburner, TE, Ohio

7th: One of the leftover B1G CBs (Micah Hyde, Johnny Adams, Terry Hawthorne or Josh Johnson)

7th: Kenny Demens, ILB, Michigan


Outside of maybe Demens, I'd bet that everyone else would make the roster and have an impact.

They'll get knocked for not taking an OT, but I would think this is a damn good draft. Especially if they get that OT this summer using next years picks.