OT: Next Up for the NCAA: UCF

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Sounds like UCF is next on the NCAA's university tour.  Interesting if it has anything to do with their recent success in football recruiting but looks to be leaning toward hoops.




The University of Central Florida is expected to receive an official notice of inquiry from the NCAA regarding potential recruiting violations in the school's football and men's basketball program, sources have told ESPN.com.

In addition, NCAA investigators have already begun interviewing people connected to potential violations. Sources also said that they expect the investigation will lead to the NCAA bringing formal charges against the Conference USA member.



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So what do we have in terms of violations over the off-season?

OSU, Miami, UCF, Oregon...who else am I forgetting?  Boise St? LSU? (Not counting Auburn)


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UVa is a UNC rival?  I bet that's news to UNC.  I would think that's viewed as a one-way rivalry -- maybe, more of jealousy -- both are insanely GREAT schools academically, but UNC is way more accomplished athletically.  UVa used to be somethign of a basketball school (see: that really tall guy decades ago), but not really so much in the last few eons.  UNC fans pretty much only care about basketball, but UNC has had more football success recently than UVa (see: Mack Brown).

I can't imagine UNC looks at UVa as a "rival," other than just another traditional school in the conference.  I mean, list UNC's three biggest rivals:

1.  Dook

2.  see #1

2a.  NC State

3. Wake (less than 2 hrs away and also in-state).

UVa can't be higher than #4 "rival" to UNC.  So, to me, that's NOT a rivalry.  It's Purdue looking at Michigan and going, gee I wish we were them athletically.


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As someone who lived in ACC country for a good while, I can say that while definitely not a primary rival, there is some disdain from Virginia for UNC and vice versa.

However, it's more an Illinois-Michigan situation than a Michigan-Michigan St situation.

I'd say UNC isn't even high on UVa's list (behind Maryland and VT). For UNC, I'd say it goes Duke, NC State, and then Maryland/Virginia.

Nobody cares about Wake Forest with the lone exception being when Chris Paul was there.


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As someone who also lived in ACC country for a good while, and conveniently went to school there so probably knows what he's talking about, I would say it's anything but an Illinois-Michigan situation.

I don't think there is a particularly comparable situation to Michigan, actually.

You'd be right that UNC is generally behind Maryland and VT on UVA's list, and that UVA is behind Duke and NC State on UNC's.  But you'd be wrong if you said every fan of both schools felt that way.  There are UVA fans who hate UNC more.  And there are UNC fans who think NC State is an ugly little third wheel in the Triangle and that UNC's in-state rivalry slot is already taken.

The Baughz

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Im a huge UNC hoops fan, and UVA and UNC arent really rivals now, but they were back in the day around the time UVA had Ralph Sampson. They usually were battling it out each year for a spot in the NCAA tourney. I believe back then, they only took the conference champion to the big dance. I could be wrong  though.

Both schools have great baseball programs, so Im sure they consider each other rivals in baseball. Not sure about football.


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 That whole T-town menswear or whatever in Alabama is a pretty big deal. LSU is tied into the same recruiting scandal as Oregon and There is still Auburns whole "thing". So the SEC is getting looked at just as much as other conferences, you're just not hearing about it as much.


 You probably won't hear a lot now that Miami's story has went crazy. If any of any of that is true Miami could seriously be looking at the death penalty. Many major violation stretching over several years, but the whole "bounties" thing is what really gets me. I wonder if he paid Harris per interception atleast then some of his throws make some sense.


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You forgot Hobart College.


January 6, 2011 

Violations of NCAA legislation in the football program involving impermissible inducements and extra benefits, inconsistent financial aid packages and lack of institutional control. 

Penalties imposed by the committee: public reprimand and censure; three years probations; limit of five offical paid visits for 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years; NCAA Regional Rules Seminar required for directors of admissions, athletics, compliance, financial aid, head coach, and vice president of advancement, vacation of wins in which two student-athletes competed while ineligible. 


Television: 0 yrs Reduction in Financial Aid: No
Postseason: 0 yrs Recruiting: Yes
Probation: 3 yrs Show Cause Action: No
  Vacation of Record: Yes



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I found it odd how well they recruited last year, especially when it came down to some head-to-head battles with some of the big schools (UM included).