OT: Newest Wolverine (Class of 2030)

Submitted by MGoCooper on January 31st, 2012 at 1:32 PM

My wife gave birth to our son Saturday at 5:12 p.m. He was 7 pounds 2 ounces, and 19 inches long. His measurables were already sent to Coach Hoke, and Coach Hoke said to work on his arm length, and a scholarship would be waiting. (The Doctor thought this was funny, my wife being a Notre Dame grad was none too amused)




Shortly after this picture, I happened to put on a very important article of clothing. Hail to the victors!




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I've got one coming in April. 

Maybe our sons can be a package deal to UM. 

We'll have to see if the "commit in 2's" thing is still strong in 18 years. 

Best of luck to you and your wife in the coming weeks/months/years!


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Regarding neg votes, fyi, there is a tab at the top of every new post identifying who gives a positive and a negative vote. I wondered if that particular poster got up on the wrong side of the bed, or has a vendetta, or doesn't like babies.

Regardless, congratulations. May the journey be good, for you and your son. Oh, and you're going to have to do one or more of the following:

  • make lots and lots of money
  • help your kid do extremely well academically (to win scholarships)
  • live in the State of Michigan
  • raise a stud athlete.

Otherwise, your progeny will be hard-pressed to follow your footsteps!  Good luck, and God bless you.


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Well, obviuosly congratulations.  Lovely looking family and wish you every blessing.  Now if I am correct, this young star will obviously be the crown jewel of our 2030 recruiting class but will be a member of the UofM class of 2034.  (Obviously, the impressive bit is being a three year starter, captian of the team while graduating with top marks in Astrochemistry.)



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I have already told my wife, that when we have kids and she has her baby shower, we are registering at MDEN.  Not sure if this is possible or not, but it will happen.


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had mine 2 hrs ago and is 19 3/4 in and 8lb 3oz and will also ready to go in 2030. was planning on a kicker but he is two wks early and a solid so could be closer to the line. wife is a two sport college athelete so hopefully gets her genes.


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Congratulations.  Love the cap.

Everyone will tell you so I'l just reiterate:  time definitely flies by.  I remember my son being that small and now, in a 7 months, he'll be off to college.  I have a suggestion (something I wish I did more diligently).  Take a picture of a similar pose every year on his birthday and keep them all together.  Also, keep a journal. 


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Congrats Wolverineinabag.  My little 5 star should be a sophmore when your little 5 star shows up for fall camp.  I'll be sure to make him treat him most excellently.   BTW my sons name is cooler by default because I named him Boden, or Bodie as my wife likes to call him. But we all know right here on this blog that his name is really "Bo".



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Helmholdt said he wasn't due for 2 more weeks... Consider my Rivals subscription cancelled.
<br>Honesty, beautiful wife and baby... All the best and God Bless!


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Hooooooly craaaaaaap, dude! Congrats, but get some sleeeeeeep. NOW, WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Sorry for the outburst, it's just that my 2028 5* left tackle prospect has been a real jerk about the whole sleeping thing lately. Ive had about 5 hours of sleep since Friday, and about 45 total since June 2010.

That said, enjoy it. It goes so fast...