OT: New Star Wars cast

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Ok, I'll be that guy. Can't believe this was not posted yet. My fanboy rarely ignites but the thought of Han Solo holding a blaster again... Yes!

What do you think of the new actors?




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Here's another link. It runs down the movies where all these guys are from

Adam Driver - Driver is the brooding Adam Sackler from "Girls," the man Lena Dunham dates(ed). After hitting it big in 2012 with the hit HBO show, driver has been in a slew of other big productions like "Lincoln," "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "This is Where I Leave You" opposite Tina Fey and Jason Bateman.

Max von Sydow Sydow - is an acting vet at 85 years young. You most likely know him as Lamar Burgess from "Minority Report" opposite Tom Cruise, or as Father Lankester Merrin from "The Exorcist." This Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor will fit in nicely in a special franchise like "Star Wars."

Oscar Isaac - This 35-year-old Guatemalan actor was a hit in 2013 as the lead in "Inside Llewyn Davis." For his work in the film, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Isaac was also in the "Bourne Legacy" and "Robin Hood" as King John in 2010.

Andy Serkis - You may know this Brit from 2004's "13 Going on 30," but you may also recognize him from "King Kong," "Lord of the Rings," and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" as Caesar. In addition to "Star Wars," Serkis will reprise his role for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

John Boyega - Boyega started acting in 2011 with the show "Becoming Human," but caught on quickly and is currently filming "24: Live Another Day" in addition to "Star Wars." Not bad for a 22 year old.

Daisy Ridley - Ridley is a virtual unknown, mostly doing English TV like "Mr. Selfridge" opposite Jeremy Piven.

Domhnall Gleeson - Gleeson is definitely most known as one of the Weasley brothers in the "Harry Potter" series. He was also in "True Grit" and "Dredd."


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From IMDb... If you're going to create a topic, take the 30 seconds to make it informative - it's much appreciated. 

Andy Serkis  
Harrison Ford ...
Mark Hamill ...
Carrie Fisher ...
Domhnall Gleeson  
Adam Driver  
Oscar Isaac  
Max von Sydow  
Peter Mayhew ...
Anthony Daniels ...
Kenny Baker ...
John Boyega  
Daisy Ridley  



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"Star Wars: Episode VII is being directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and Abrams."

Well, there's the Michigan connection, and a good one at that. It will be interesting to see what Kasdan has in mind for this one. 


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Other than Harrison Ford much of the original cast was unknowns and I'd say similar here outside of Serkis who has spent thelast decade being Gollum.  Seeing Jennifer Lawrence or or Ben Affleck in this type of movie - no thanks.

I think JJ Abrams has done a great job with the 2 Star Trek movies; and this from a non Star Trek fan, so I hope he can do something similar with the Star Wars franchise.  The standard remains The Empire Strikes Back.


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Beyond excited. Lots to like in that casting list IMO.

Adam Driver just looks like a villain. I'm hoping Max van Sydow is his Sith master or some sort of villain as well. Harrison Ford is rumored ot have a fairly large role in Episode VII, so I'm expecting him to die to set a grim tone for the final two in the trilogy.


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I'm disappointed that Adam Driver won't be accompanied by Lena Dunham.

Shoshanna could be involved, too.  She's already got a sort of Princess Leia thing going with her hair.