OT - New Pitt HC and ND alum Mike Haywood arrested for domestic violence

Submitted by Leaders And Best on December 31st, 2010 at 7:40 PM

One week after being named the new head coach at Pittsburgh, ND alum Mike Haywood was arrested on domestic violence charges.  Talk about bad timing.  I wonder how the Pitt AD will handle this.


Last post before going out for NYE.  Hope you all have a fun and safe NYE.  See you in 2011.



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Not a big fan of Deadspin, but it has the key information:


The woman, who declined comment when asked if she was paid for the evening, said that the threesome engaged "in some pretty aggressive sex." She said that at one point she and her female companion decided to add a little levity to the activity: "We started screaming 'Roll Tide!' and he was yelling back, 'It's rolling, baby, it's rolling.'"


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...to Pitt rumors in 3...2...

Oh wait, it's already happening:

 If this Haywood story proves to be solid, it's as sad a story as we've seen in a long time. One observation. Maryland, you better hurry up!


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The Pitt AD should call Wanny and lay the "just kidding" card.  "You thought I was serious? Oh man, I was so messing with you. I can't believe you believed me. You know I'm a pankster. You look younger. Are you using that just for men stuff on your mustache. No. Well you don't need it. You know what the gray says to me?. Sophisticated. You are a sophisticated, handsome man. So you're going to coach our bowl game right? Wait, where are you going?" 


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It is a sign of today's twisted, money driven world that this would even be a thought, and I'm emarrased that it is my thought but...

It is ironic and sad that by doing the right thing (assuming the domestic violence was real) and going to the police, the accuser may have a large hand in Haywood losing his job and big PAYDAY at PITT.  Haywood's lost income may actually cost the accuser a lot of future child support and potential alimony(?)

Strange but possible.


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Are you blaming a victim for the potential and speculated loss of Haywood's job by chance? On top of that, are you pointing out a loss of money for the victim, implying that if the victim would just not have reported such a crime, she would've ended up with more money by simply divorcing him?  What is your message by posting this thought?


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as the head coach of PITT and the AD Steve Pederson may follow him out the door.  As the bourbon is kicking in I am letting my feelings go.....DB's handling of the CC is disgracefull, his decision to let this fetter is a joke.  DB should have made one of two decisions a month ago RR has my support or we are going in a different direction.  On the bright side, the PITT fiasco will take some media attention off our amatuer AD.   We look like ND happy new year.


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The guy is in jail until a judge can see him. That might not happen till Monday, with the Holidays.

Also, OPEN SEASON on recruiting begins again, I think, on Tuesday. If Pitt has any recruits worthy of Michigan, we'll know our coaching situation on that day and will be able to poach away a guy who can help. They have two 4-star DTs plus a 4-star athlete (running QB).

This guy and the AD who hired him are real dorks. The AD was the same bozo who hired Callahan for Nebraska and set them back 3-4 yrs.