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Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on August 4th, 2013 at 7:09 AM

BBC America today at 2pm reveals the new Doctor Who to replace the esteemed Matt Smith.

SPOILER ALERT Welsh newspapers are reporting it will be brit tv star Peter Capaldi, who apparently plays a foul mouthed political consultant. Brit betting houses have suspended taking bets. Who producer steven moffet said all the test screenings were done for the new doctor under the code name "houdini". From my internet searches, Capaldi to me looks a little like Jeremy Irons from Die Hard 3. Kind of a hard edge weathered look compared to the loveable super geek Matt Smith. Sorry, I just don't know if I could've handled a female Doctor. But at least he won't be a ginger.

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I read your post as "New doctor who revealed today......."

And I thought "did your new doctor give you good news or bad news?" I was glad to find out it was just a stupid TV show and not something about your health.


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of top gear on BBC, so conversely I catch quite a bit of doctor who. I DON'T GET IT. Is it the campy dorkiness? Is it the preposterous and just plain weird plots? Can someone please explain the attraction?

And before you ask, NO, you are NOT allowed to like things that I don't like.


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 The first thing to understand is that it can be scary, and it is meant to be -- to scare the daylights out of the kids. It's been like that since the start. In the current revival (begun in 2006), the episode "Blink" epitomizes that. For anyone just sort of watching the show as a mindless diversion, waiting for something interesting to happen, that episode was a shock -- compelling television. The weeping angels later became the basis for plot confusion and general weirdness, watering down the brilliance of the original episode, but still.

It is also quintessential Biritish tongue-in-cheek humor. So kind of an odd formula, scary and funny, which accounts for its longevity in the UK. That's the other thing -- a lot of people, at least in the UK, grew up with the show, and thus it has cultural roots, and attracts fine actors.

I tend to watch it for a while, and then give up if it's not going anywhere, coming back when I'm feeling more patient.


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 Apparently, David Tennant and Billie Piper are back for the 50th anniversary special (to be broadcast November 23, the actual 50th anniversary of the first episode), and then Matt Smith bows out at the Christmas special. Dunno if the two storylines will be related or what.

Moffat likes complicated storylines involving the companions -- so in some ways the choice of the next companion or companions will say more about where the series is headed.

Wouldn't be surprised to see them cast an older Doctor -- it fits with the 50th anniversary aspect -- the original 1963 Doctor was an older character, and they've gotten progressively younger ever since.


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The generally understood view of the Caesar's thumb up/thumbs down is backward. Thumbs up meant "yep, go ahead and kill him," and a thumbs down meant, "nah, let him live."

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Wee-Bey Brice

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Derrick Green & the rest of the freshmen are on campus , rest of the team will be today and practice officially starts tomorrow.. The "No OT" rule should go into effect right now.


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Wow. Tough crowd. I'm actually quite disappointed with the mob "wtf", "who cares" responses. Doctor Who is a widely popular show especially in the "nerd" genre. With the many references to Europa Universallis and Tropico, I'd say the OP is in the right crowd. That being said, this board was getting weekly Game of Thrones posts. So why not a Doctor Who post, seeing as how the revelation of the new doctor is a pretty big deal for the show. The common response in the game of thrones threads to nay-sayers is "if you don't care, why did you click" response. Certainly that should apply here. Perhaps the original title of the thread was misleading before the capitalization edit, but either way I stand behind my statement.


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So people can constantly post The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones threads weekly with little complaint but a Doctor Who post and that's going too far?

I think the show has lost its way and gotten too weird. I have to recommend older seasons of the show to people because if they saw the current stuff most of it would either not make sense or be too complex for them to understand without knowing a good deal of backstory about the Doctor.


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When I was seven my favorite meal was grilled cheese with soup. Now, I like various different foods. I still like malts a lot though.


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I'm making Sirloin Marsala on the grill tonight. Took me forever to track down Marsala wine at the grocery store to make the sauce but I finally found it. Pumped!

Wish it was grilling time but gotta hold off until 5 or so - might be able to make the sauce early though.


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It'll be tough to keep up with Tennant and Smith. It'll be very interesting to see where they take the show. Also I feel very sorry for some of you people. You're missing out on some fantastic science fiction.


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I cannot see the "Clara" story arc lasting much longer.  With Tennent and Smith we had the campy, geeky Doctor who loved their companions more than they should have.  This guy seems stiff and standoffish and well, your going from a mid 20's pair to a father-daughter dynamic.  

Be interesting to see how this plays out.  


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I don't mind posts like this in the off season. Actually any season, for that matter. I'm just honestly intrigued by the cult attraction to a really, really weird show. Then again, there's 15 versions of csi and they all suck, so different strokes, I suppose...