OT: Netflix and 30 for 30

Submitted by mongoose0614 on August 18th, 2012 at 9:24 PM

I just noticed that Netflix added these for on demand.  

Just an FYI in case you had an account and missed it.





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Caught the College Football Live pre-season awards show the other night. Kevin Carter (UF alum) giving his top 5 picks for the various awards. I thought it was funny how he not only had many SEC players filling out his Top 5's (typically about 4 of 5) but how many lists had multiple players from the same team within the SEC.


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 I watched the U  the other day while at work. Does Bernie Kosar have brain damage or is that drugs? He looked and sounded terrible.


 Just watched the Brady 6. During the Tom's senior year I couldn't understand why they played Henson as much as they did. Brady was clearly the better QB on the field every saturday. Hearing some of the NFl coaches talk about the draft process and hearing Coach Carr talk about it is two different animals. Somebody there is clearly lying. I feel Brady succeded despite Michigan rather than because of Michigan.

Blue Blue Blue

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I dont remember if it was the Yankees in specific or just the idea that he was a blue chip prospect who could possibly have bolted for a pile of cash.......but Carr felt he had to show Henson the field.


Leach was nothing like that.  Bo just decided to screw Mark Elzinga, who had dutifully and successfully apprentced at QB and was an upperclassman.

But Elzinga was going to be a throwing QB and Leach allowed Bo to stick with his security blanket, the triple option running attack, for 4 more years.


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 There is a pretty clear line dividing sports fans pre 1990 and post 90ies. I really started getting into watching sports in the late 80ies. I wonder what some of the Michigan traditionalist fans thought of the fab 5 during their time at Michigan.


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My thought on the fab five is that they were fun to watch, but like Webber's Kings teams in the NBA, they just didn't have enough to close the deal.  The NCAA sanctions suck, but to me it doesn't take away what happened on the court.  I don't think Ohio's sanctions make me feel any better about the "seven year drought."  Only trolls would try to throw sanctions in another fanbase's face which explains why that's all I hear from Sparty about the Rich Rod era.... 


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Despite not winning it all, I think twice in a row beating extraordinary odds to make it to the championship game of probably the toughest and most emotionally/physically draining (as well as most luck filled) single elimination tournament in major American sports, shows the fab five knows how to seal the deal. To compare them to a high octane NBA team who couldn't for the life them beat inferior teams in best of 7 series, is a sick insult to the fab 5 who accomplished more than most great college teams could ever imagine doing.