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Negative recruiting has been happening ever since...recruiting. It's not that big of a deal--for everyone it gets, someone is turned off by it.

I think RR was talking about Bill Lynch today--gum throwing weasel! Or someone else.


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As a whole, I liked today's presser, particularly the handling of DFP. I'm somewhat surprised that with all the sh*t involving DFP that UM doesn't restrict media access to only a handful of reporters. That's pretty common with other schools, especially down south. However, my comments are less related to that and more related to his insinuation that there is a negative recruiter in the B10.

While this will sound bad, but I wish that RR would have just lied and said he was unaware of negative recruiting going on. I think negative recruiting is something that has been going on since the beginning of college football and will likely continue till the game passes. However, openly acknowledging that a single - only 1 - B10 coach is a negative recruiter is just going to create a giant sh*t storm of accusations, false reports, etc. I could be wrong, but it seems like he may have created an unnecessary story for the media to pick up on.


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While I'm usually against negative recruiting, there is a fine line when it comes to making a case about a coach possibly leaving. For example, a couple of years ago Billy Donovan down at Florida basically went to coach the Orlando Magic, thought better of it, and returned to Florida. Now, if I'm trying to recruit a kid against Donovan, I might mention that, hey, the guy basically left once and you never know if he'll leave again if a new/better situation arises. Same with Kiffin jumping around - I would mention that while "USC is his dream job" might sound nice in the presser, he also said that at Oakland and then at Tennessee. So while you shouldn't attack a school/coach with hearsay or false statements, pointing out that a guy has a history of jumping ship doesn't seem right.

Now here, it sounds more like a guy making up a story, but then again Meyer retired, then only took a sabbatical, then returned, now might take a break again - all in about 2 months. So yeah, pointing that out isn't necessarily as bad as "I hear RR is going to be fired."


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“bronxblue;” I’d have to disagree with you on walking that fine line, it’s a glass house out there and your point seems pretty mute as your argument for Donovan could in the same sense be applied to RR. Didn’t he leave WV for greener pastures i.e a “better situation?” While in no way shape or form am I trying to compare RR to persay the likes of Kiffin , it goes back to the simple principle that if you have nothing nice to say don’t bother saying anything at all.

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• Jerald Robinson: "The craziest story I have, the Pittsburgh coach called me after I told him I committed, he came to my school and I told him I committed. He told me that Michigan wasn’t the right place for me and that I could come there to get NFL ready.