OT: Need help w/places to stay in South Haven

Submitted by patol8 on May 21st, 2010 at 11:49 AM

So I'm planning a romantic weekend get away for my wife and I and need some recommendations on places to stay in South Haven.  I was thinking about doing The Victoria Resourt B&B, it looks good, got great reviews and is in a decent location, but wanted to check around a little more before making a reservation.  I know there are a lot of condos and houses in the area, but don't know where to begin looking and a lot of them only take reservations for whole weeks anyway.  Thanks for your help.






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is going to be your best bet if you want to be close to the water. There are a number of them within a small walking distance to the beach. The hotels are all miles away on Phoenix Rd. North Shore drive has a couple of B&B's also which are right across from the beach. The one you mentioned is very nice.


When you do the beach thing, go to Packard Park off North Shore. It has decent bathrooms and you don't put up with the mental degenerates as you do on North Beach. Not so crowded.

We go there every weekend in the summer. One of our favorite spots.


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I've only seen places from the outside, but that one seems nice.  Another popular one is Yelton Manor at the corner of N Shore and Dykeman, but I almost always see the "No Vacancy" sign.  My parents have a place at Bent Tree, which is basically across the street and I love that place.  It's got a pool, hot tub, huge courtyard and beachfront.  But yeah, you may have to rent for a week.


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I agree that B&B's are your best bet. I believe that the Victoria Resort and the Carriage House are both supposed to be nice. Yelton Manor is also nice but the woman who runs it is kind of grouchy.


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through a website called VRBO.com (vacation rentals by owner).  They have listing all over the world.  You have to sift through a lot of stuff some times, but you can find some really good deals.

The place we found in South Haven was about three blocks from the beach, three or four blocks from downtown, and was fairly decently priced for our big group (we had six adults, one kid).


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I grew up in South Haven.  Below is a link to the tourism website with lodging info

Chill Places:

Martha's Vineyard - real tight place

Sleepy Hallow

Yelton Manor

Great Location:

Old Harbour Inn- FYI will be loud at night (the Idler and York's bars are right below)


You're right about there being plenty of condos to rent. 


the Vineyard - Italian

Clementine's - an old school bank conversion

SeaWolf - great seafood

Nightlife -

Captain Lou's is cool

The Idler is a riverboat