OT- Need help: Those of you who knows or live in Cincy

Submitted by Michigan4Life on July 29th, 2010 at 7:07 PM

I will be moving to Cincinnati in a few weeks for graduate school.  Does anybody knows a good place to eat, go out to a bar(preferablly Michigan for football saturday)?

Does anybody also know a good placefor a job since I am currently looking for one to help suppliment the fees that I am currently paying for graduate school?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :D



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in Cinci thats a ton of fun on the weekends. Not only is it a restaurant but they have a big outdoor section in the back with long wooden tables and cornhole. A lot of fun even if you're alone once those 1L beers start flowin...


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lots of bars, some sports bars but most are either osu/uc.  But some in hyde park/anderson are pro nd/michigan bars vs the osu/uc crowds...  Others would know better then myself...

West side has champs or sportspage but they are very uc/osu at the moment. 

I live in nky work in cincy...but I drive up to a2 for the games so not really into the bar scene.


work, depends I dont' know what you do....check medpace, g.e (evendale), and convergys, cincinnatibell, duke energy as these places tend to be hiring professionals....but for different skills, ie medpace tracks drug company compliance for them, convergys tech company, others more obvious.  Ford has an assembly plant though I doubt they are hiring but if they are it would be professional level, same with toyota in deerpark and in nky for warranty center and parts center for north america....  Great american insurance, chiquita, and many many others.....

Hope this helps



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since I don't work at Xavier or Cincinnati, but I'm assuming it isn't too shabby. I'm looking to apply for work somewhere in the Gallagher Student Center in the fall, hopefully Ryan's Pub.

Since you are a graduate student, I have no idea whether they hire people like you on-campus, but I'm sure you can find some opportunities nearby.

I believe there is a job fair where you can look into all sorts of opportunities. Hope that was of help. It's nice to see more U-M fans at X!


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that there's a Pub that serves alcohols at the student center?  I was shocked to see it at Xavier which is a Jesuit University and something that I never expect to see in any college campuses let alone Xavier.

I'll be going to the job fair for sure.  I need a job since I have 3 classes that is one day a week for 1 and half hours.  I need the money to help pay for the tuition and rents(thank god it's a lot cheaper than in Ann Arbor).

big gay heart

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I lived in Cincinnati for a couple years. Liked my time there. I'm not sure of any Michigan-specific bars, but there is a decent amount of stuff to do. The city is basically divided in an east/west manner. Since you're going - I'm assuming - to either Xavier or UC, you'll probably spend the majority of your time on the east side. I would describe the east side as more "yuppish" while the west side tends to be more middle class blue collar-type folks.

Hyde Park is your typical white-people-with accounting jobs part of town. Any number of bars and a places to eat. Oakely - the adjacent town - is pretty much the same thing. Mt. Adams is another nice area, located more towards downtown. I lived there for a year and enjoyed it.  Decent bars and clubs if you're into that sort of thing. Northside is another alright part of town, it's a wierd mix of biker bars, vegan resetraunts, and lesbians. There's a good record shop over there called shake-it-records.

Across the river, you have the newport/levee area - where the aforementioned hofbräuhaus is located. In covington, ky, you can hit up mainstrasse, which is like a street of bars with tons of white trash, which can be fun if you like drinking beers and making fun of people.

I can give you more specific info; this is just like a 10,000 foot overview.


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I believe Michigan Alumni have watch parties at Blackfinn downtown. Hofbrauhaus is a must eat or drink at. Some of my other favorite places downtown are Nada and Boi de Brazas brazilian steakhouse, expensive but worth it.

Tully Mars

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Oakley isn't far from Xavier (10 minute drive tops) and they have the Oakley Pub and Grill, which has a Michigan Flag and they are always willing to change to the Michigan game.  I've been told the owner is a Michigan fan.  Though they also have UC, Xavier, and OSU flags, so they are clearly trying to cater to a larger populace (the bar itself though is pretty small).  If folks aren't gathering at the Black Finn, this is my next stop for watching games.  Although I do end up driving up to A2 for most home games, so I haven't searched the bars as much as others might have.

As far as food, there are a bunch of good restaurant on Ludlow in Clifton.  I'd also recommend Mecklenburg Gardens for their wursts and getting a boot.  As far as pizza, you'll have to enjoy a Bearcat from Adriatico's.  It's the standard college student pizza here and is actually pretty decent, especially for the price.  Make sure you're hungry though since it measures about 18"x24" and is a relatively thick crust.  Graeters is the most popular local ice cream place (and it's quite good), but I also like Aglamesis Brothers in Oakley.  It's run by a 90 year old dude that makes everything, including the chocolate he uses, from scratch.


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If there is one thing that baffles me about Ohio, aside from how you psyched you brahs get for a fat tuba player, it's Skyline Chili. Call me a MICH homer, but chili should not taste like cinnamon and coneys should not have cheese... I'd rather eat at the rattiest, decrepit coney island in Detroit than a Skyline.


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.....the chili is truly an acquired taste, the quality and size of the dog is abysmal and there's WAY too much cheese for my taste.  The Cheese Coney is more of a SW Ohio phenomena - people who grew up in this area absolutely love them and have definite opinions on Skyline vs Gold Star.  Give me a Lafayette Coney any day of the week


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There's a little cafe called Baba Budan's in Clifton that has meh food but great coffee and a really good selection of quality beers. They normally have at least three or four Bell's varieties, with Two Hearted coming soon as a permanent draft beer.

I would second Mecklenberg Gardens as well. I've only eaten there once, but it was great.

There are two or three good Indian restaurants in the gaslight area of Clifton, as well as a nice little Vietnamese place called "Cilantro". Have the Sate with beef there.

I don't get out much on gameday (other restaurant patrons tend to find my pacing and Yosemite Sam-style muttering distracting), so I don't really know if there's a Michigan bar near Clifton.

Getting on at for work at UC is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Most departments tend to prefer internal candidates. I had to take a job way below my abilities to get my foot in the door. But once you're in, if you prove yourself competent, then you can advance fairly quickly. It's a good place to work.


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....of the Cincinnati neighborhoods by Big Gay Heart.  Additional intel on the food, bar and music scene can be found here:


CityBeat's 2010 Best Of Picks listed here:


My favorite place in Cincinnati to see music and hang out with the local, professional drinkers is the Southgate House:


Best of luck on your new endeavors and welcome to the neighborhood!


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for all of the inputs and suggestions.  They were all great!


I will make sure to check out some of the places that you guys suggested.  If you have any more, keep it coming!