OT? Nebraska Fullback Ben Miles to Transfer

Submitted by Caesar on May 3rd, 2018 at 7:17 AM

Here's the (link). He's the son of Les Miles, and it looks like he was part of the Frost transition cost. 

Maybe a take for Michigan? The team has zero healthy scholarship fullbacks on the roster (though I think VanSumeren comes in the fall and Mason will be healthy around that time). 3 star, but #2 ranked FB in the class of 2017. 


Mr Miggle

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on transfers within the Big Ten. The rules strongly discourage it. Coaches also almost always block transfers to teams they will face while the player would be there. It's either going to be a grad transfer or it won't happen.

Evil Empire

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He said that he would reveal more about his departure later.  I suppose he's too busy with the snowplowing business.

I know it wasn't Boren who said it, but some former OSU player was barbering on about how great Boren was going to be for OSU and extolled his physical prowess and "1% bodyfat."  Ha ha ha.

BTW there is a puff piece out there featuring Zach Boren saying this: "Coach Meyer maintains a family atmosphere during practice and he and my family blend together because they preach the same thing."

Section 1.8

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They wrote that Michigan had lost its "family values" under Rich Rodriguez.  People took it sort of literally, and seriously, and Michael Rosenberg added fuel to the illegitimate fire by yammering about how Rodriguez practices were abusive and obscenity-filled.

All of which was a monstrous sort of joke.

First, what everybody should have realized right away (because it was so obvious, but nobody wanted to say it) was concerning the real reason that the whole Boren family went so ballistic that they pulled Justin out of school; it was because then-Pickerington senior Zach Boren did not get the Michigan scholarship that he had waited his whole life for.  Zach's understood position at that time was as a fullback, and the Rodriguez offense just didn't use a fullback.  And nobody in football was recruiting Zach as a llinebacker.  Ohio State, which eventually gave him the "family" scholarship that he wanted from Michigan, gave him the spot as a fullback, not a linebacker.  OSU took Zach, with a scholarship, along with non-scholarship Justin (whose father owned a reasonably prosperous landscaping and snowplowing business in suburban Columbus).  

The "family values" that the Boren family thought Michigan had lost, was the alleged promise that the Boren family felt was made by Lloyd Carr that Zach would get a scholarship offer.  Mike Boren let slip later on that "He would not have his two sons playing for two different universities."  That line said everything.

Second, the absolute joke about "family values" in the case of the Boren family is that they are all some of the roughest, most foul-mouthed people you could ever imagine.  Published stories from Justin's days at Pickerington were that at halftimes, Mike would yell at Justin so ferociously that they thought, "somebody might call the cops."

Third, as to Michael Rosenberg adding to the rumor/myths about Rodriguez football practices, as our own Brian Cook and John U. Bacon have pointed out, Rosenberg is noted to have scarcely spent any time at any of the practices that were open to the press in that early period of Rodriguez.


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Maybe he can get a waiver to pay right away. I mean...... Nebraska’s AD was definitely misleading. He kept Riley as HC for awhile and acted like winning was important at the same time so.....


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Given how much Miles was paid by LSU, including paid NOT to coach, I suspect paying his Michigan tuition wouldn't be a big deal.  


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Greyshirt would work, I think. He redshirted last year at Nebraska, so he's going to lose a year no matter where he goes.

So he pays for a year, then goes on scholarship for 2019. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think Nebraska can stop that.

But I doubt Michigan would want to do this -- it puts him in the same graduating class with Ben Mason, and it also reduces the size of the small 2019 recruiting class, while increasing the size of the large 2021 recuiting class.

Mr Miggle

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a JuCo. Find one where Michigan accepts credit from and transfer again in a year.

What you're describing isn't really greyshirting and opens Michigan up to tampering charges. They can't have any contact with Miles unless Nebraska okays it. Even if Miles was to initiate it.