OT: ND Schadenfreude

Submitted by 1464 on December 30th, 2011 at 8:59 AM

[on Kelly] Who are you going to get to replace him ? Seriously ? WHO??????

Who would want this job? It's like going to fight opponents who are on steroids with two hands tied behind your back.

USC, Ohio St, Michigan, Miami, FSU, Oklahoma, Texas, and the entire SEC have absolutely no restrictions. You don't need to know how to read. You don't have to go to class. They have majors like doobie rollin and pimpology. They can let anyone in, they can let anyone go. They have better looking girls who take their panties off easier. And on and on it goes.

It really is hilarious to say the least.

ND needs to drop those teams. ND needs to drop Michigan St. and Michigan as well.

Teams that ND should be playing every year are:

Duke, Minnesota, Rutgers, Army, Navy, Indiana, Rice, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Boston College, Pitt, Washington St.


 [on Rees] Hopefully this guy will get lost somewhere and never show up at ND again. Take Kelly with him.


Rees needs to be taken to the glue factory.


Any other items we can get a laugh out of on a Friday morning?



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Can you lend some specificity to your critique, because without some specificity your comment comes off as kind of dickish.  Are we not supposed to enjoy the fact that ND lost or laugh at them for their reaction?  Pretty high standards considering that our fearless leader has a weekly column entitled This Week in Schadenfreude.  I can deal with getting negged if people don't like the topic, but calling me out about it?  I contribute quite a bit of good insight to the blog so I appreciate the sweeping review of my usefulness, or lack thereof.

If this thread sucked before, thanks for helping make it suck more. 





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While I am sure you are correct that Kelly doesn't understand how to coach the D, that is not the problem at ND, it's the offense and how many turnovers they produce each game. Sad when you are a jerk coach and your side of teh ball cannot hold on to the ball or win games for you. I really hope Garnett was watching closely.


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If Kelly is the problem at ND, how come they haven't had a great year since Lou Holtz left?  No national title since 1988?  They usually play a schedule with four tough games, two medium games, and six tomato cans.  Some years, there are only three legitimate teams on their schedule.  If they are truly elite, they should win the MNC once every four or five years at the least.  

The bottom line is that they haven't won anything of importance since the book "Under the Tarnished Dome" exposed Holtz and ND as the hypocrites they are.



December 30th, 2011 at 2:50 PM ^

No doubt all the coaches since Holtz have not performed, I was only trying to respond the comment on Kelly not coaching the D, not the program as a whole. ND should be much better based on recruiting rankings and their schedule.

EDIT: Also I was only commenting on this year's ND team and their turnover issues (should have stated that originally)

MI Expat NY

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He began as a defensive assistant coach at GVSU.  He was defensive coordinator immediately before becoming head coach.  For a while now he's been offensive oriented, but I don't think it's a fair statement to say he doesn't know defense or understand how to coach defense.  In fact, I'd say they've been much better on the defensive side of the ball this year than the offensive side.


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Being a Michigan grad of 1981 I take great pride in my double major of doobie rolling and pimpology and am deeply offended that the ND poster mocks my degrees.




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Actually, I think it was a pretty accurate posting. One of the other "senior members" of this board critiqued me last week for creating a thread about Braylon Edwards. It was entitled, "OT-Braylon Edwards Gives Back" and I included a link to the espn video and said I was proud of Braylon. So I got jumped on for "not making the thread clear enough". Which upon further reflection, I really didn't have a problem with.

So now, I see this post today - which is clearly UNCLEAR - but yet everyone is fine with it. Not bitching here, just noticing a double standard in this situation.

Go ahead and say I'm a hater - but don't try and say it's not hypocritical.


December 30th, 2011 at 12:00 PM ^

That was me, and it was completely different.  It wasn't just that your post wasn't clear, it's that it wasn't...anything.  You posted a link and said Braylon made you proud.  Your post had a link and literally 5 or so words - that's all.  That's not a forum post. 

This thread actually has content.  I read things in this thread.  I did not do that in yours. 

Filthy Dilithium

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Teams that ND should be playing every year are: Duke, Minnesota, Rutgers, Army, Navy, Indiana, Rice, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Boston College, Pitt, Washington St. Other shitty football teams.


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True story....

In 1980 in Ann Arbor possession of less than two ounces of pot was a $5.00 fine and NEVER enforced.  I worked as a bouncer at the old Village Bell on State St and if somebody lit up a joint in the bar all we would do is ask them to put it out.  And if they refused we would simply take the pot from them so we could "dispose" of it properly.