OT - NCAA Lacrosse National Championship

Submitted by WolvinLA2 on May 28th, 2012 at 1:07 PM
About to begin - I know a lot of people are interested. Discuss. Loyola vs Maryland



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College lacrosse really seems to have a bright future. Bigger programs are adding it and even better, it makes good TV so there's money to be had. I think it might be the #3 college sport (for tv at least) in the not-too-far future


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End of first quarter. 2-1 Loyola.

Loyola is looking crisper on offense than Maryland, but they're not getting any face offs. Lusby and Sawyer for Loyola are incredible players.

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The growth of the sport in Michigan at the HS level is unreal.

state had a D1 program in the 90s but had to drop because of lack of money to support it. I don't think it will be long until they make the jump to D1 because they are beating up their conference at the club level now that Michigan is gone.


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Loyola doing nothing on the face offs. Maryland has taken 6 of 7. Loyola winning the turnovers battle 6-2 is what's keeping that even.


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As of right now, only 8 teams have ever won a national championship in lacrosse. If Loyola wins it would make 9, and with teams like ND and Denver who have threatened recently, the pool of "elite" lacrosse teams is growing, and that's a good thing. The next big deal is when a team from outside the Mid-Atlantic wins one.


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As much as i hate that scool they have been great for lax.  Just the idea of a team from the midwest being considered an elite team was unthought of just 5 years ago.  Ohio hasn't had the same success and i have actually wanted to see them make a run in the tourney, just to bring more respect to the midwest.

I am hoping that other B1G schools see the success Notre Dame has had (hopefully Michigan as well) and see that it will be beneficial to add lax as D1.  I know Indiana and Illinois have ok MCLA programs but nothing compared to the level Michigan was at.  It would really help high school lacrosse in the midwest if even just 2 or 3 more schools added lacrosse.  I live in Ohio and lacrosse even isn't recognized by the state athletic association, it is still their own league.  If these university would add lacrosse i could see many states that don't recognize the sport add the sanctioned list and therefore more high schools would add te sport just bring more talent to the college level.  

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I'm with you.  I often find myself on ND's side come May eventhough I hate their guts and their coach is a little twerpish Brian Kelly look-alike.  I'm happy for Loyola but I just wish they were from somewhere outside the traditional lacrosse areas. 

I think State could make the best transition.  Illinois may fare well too.  I wonder how NW would do considering the success of the women's program.  But, I dont ever recall playing them or them even having an MCLA team.

I think lacrosse's best hopes for growth lie in regional expansion.  Universities that may be considering the addition of a lacrosse team may find the decision easier if there are other teams nearby.  I would love to see a few California schools (probably prvate ones without football teams) go D-1.  If BYU, Colorado and Colorado State went D-1 they could make that Rockie Mountain region pretty formidable.  Also, those teams would be able to schedule D-1 games against each other and Denver and AF, taking the pressure off constant travel to the east coast, which is a daunting challenge facing athletic departments.  They may only have to book 2 or 3 trips to the east coast each year instead of 4 or 5.  It would also give east coast teams more incentive to go out there.  Plus, those teams have athletes who can play.

Interestingly enough, my father spoke with someone in Wisconsin's ath. dept. and asked them about lacrosse.  They said that after Marquette went D-1 they looked into it but they have since ruled it out completely.  So, it doesnt look like Wisconsin will be adding a team anytime soon. 

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I really think if Michigan follows the model of the Men's Soccer program, a conference tournament championship and a final four appearance by year 10, this program will become a machine.

They got some good recruits coming in next year.

The future is bright IMO.

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With northwestern winning the national title for 7th time in 8 years, Michigan has a pretty tough conference to play in on the Women's side. florida is also in the conference (American Lacrosse Conference) that Michigan is in and they made the Final 4.


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I would rather have that than crappy teams in the conference.  Playing Northwestern and Flordia will only help the program, seeing how NW and FL play the game will help the players, but i can also see playing them help with recruiting.  I would think players that don't get picked up by the top teams would prefer to play against the top teams.  Either with a chip on their shoulder or just the opportunity to play against the best.