OT: NCAA Hits LSU With Probation/Other Sanctions

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The sanctions include a 10 percent reduction in official recruiting visits for football during the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years, as well as a reduction of two initial scholarships for 2011-12 and two overall scholarships for 2010-11. The scholarship reductions were self-imposed by LSU.


OSU should be pretrified after seeing this.


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OSU should be concerned but something tells me they are not. There is some serious denial that just doesn't let the severity of their situation sink in. The NCAA is slowly growing a pair.


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From THE Ohio State University's experience, they have no reason to be concerned.  They have gotten away with stonewalling, obstructing investigations, and intimidating witnesses into silence for so long that they have no reason to believe the NCAA will ever call bullshit on them.  

Hopefully, the NCAA has grown a set, a brain, or both, and will hammer Ohio with what they so richly deserve.

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You use really foul language, directed at Ohio State's athletic administrators and staff.  You even mentioned that "death threats" had been made.

Now, I've visited your blog, and I haven't seen any proof or even any clear evidence of that.  There have been some offhand comments, I gather, from characters like Clarett.

I'm not going to flame you, or use the kind of language against you, that you've been using with regard to OSU's athletic department.  But I do ask you for my own interest, for the benefit of all of your readers, and for the good reputation of MGoBlog as place of above-average college sports discourse, to please be specific about your wildest allegations against Ohio State.

And, addressing the others in this thread who think that OSU ought to be terrified, presumably because LSU accepted scholarship losses of a kind that OSU has not even proposed:  I think there is a difference.  The NoA under which OSU is currently responding makes no recruiting allegations, which was the case with LSU.  Scholarship losses are usually attendant to recruiting allegations.  Punishments, as it were, are aimed at the manner of the violations.  I am not predicting that OSU will walk with what they've self-submitted to the NCAA.  I predict the opposite; that they will get whacked with more penalties, and I suspect that it will be scholarship losses on a par with this LSU case.  Something like 2/year for three years.  And it will hurt OSU worse effectively inasmuch as LSU has already limited itself by -2 scholarships this past year. 

In summary, I am not simply an OSU apologist.  But Tater, I am interested in real and true information.


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I think the "intimidating witnesses" comment is regarding Mr. Ellis from the SI story HERE.  Mr. Ellis (a witness in the story with evidence of further tosu violations) was set to meet with the NCAA but backed out when he was told he would be recorded and be on the record.  Mr. Ellis supposedly feared retribution from Edward Rife (tattoo parlor owner and general bad dude).  This has nothing to do with tosu but I can't imagine what else Tater could mean by the comment.  I do believe the attorney Mr. Cicero that emailed Tressel did receive death threats from fans.  Again, that has nothing directly to do with the school.


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OSU should be very frightened by this.

Also, thank you Kirk Herbstreit and Bill Martin for fucking up the Les Miles hiring!

Born N' Maized

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I find it funny that this infraction causes LSU to self-impose scholarship reductions, but OSU would be very upset if they get hit any harder.  Good luck Gene.


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I laughed pretty hard because I'm picturing Gene and Gordon kicking back and saying, "Well, now we know what we are gonna get since we self imposed as well," and actually believing it.

Gene is going to be shocked when they go one step further.  He may even look like this: 


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"listening to the NCAA, they gave credit to LSU's compliance compartment for not allowing a player to play who would have been ineligible and who might have even ended up costing LSU games... and that was the key in limiting the penalties."

                     -Joe Schaad. 


That's worth a party.


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Gene Smith and Gordon Gee are quivering in their pants like a 9-year old kid who stayed up too late and watched Psycho. Also screw the SEC, I hate that conference. Good to see they finally get in trouble for the shit they pull.


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Ohio State gets hit with similar penalties to USC. It will help us on the field (in due time) and it'll help us in recruiting for 2013. Anyone know why we haven't offered Cameron Burrows and Jalin Marshall? They both are supposed to be in the top 5 players in ohio next year.


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Am I missing something?  These sanctions aren't very severe.  They already started taking their medicine in 2010-11, so their remaining punishment (just some lost recruiting visits) is just a slap on the wrist.  They don't lose any more scholarships because they already limited themselves last season.


July 20th, 2011 at 7:40 AM ^

The excuse makers on the radio around Columbus still think that they won't get hammered with scholarship losses because tosu didn't have recruiting violations.  They will still use that excuse after seeing this story.  Denial, denial, denial!


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Would be nice to see another NOA for both schools, maybe wait till Aug 11 for one so Aug 12 is a wash, stretches' the pain in Ohio and popcorn production for Iowa and Nebraska for 2012/13.