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Submitted by meechiganroses on August 9th, 2011 at 7:18 PM

Putting out an APB for person(s) interested in joining a starter NCAA fantasy football league at www.u-sports.com  I've never used the site before, but it looks better than what CBS and ESPN are putting out.  Registration is easy, and they haven't sent me any emails or junk. The league so far: 

2QBs, 2RBs, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 2DEF with bench spots available.  Scoring is pretty standard with some small changes.  Like I said this is a starter league and is competitive, but not AREYOUSERIOUSCHRISJOHNSON serious.  We would do a live online draft--I'll set that up.  Right now it looks like I'd need 7 people.  

If you're interested, I'll email invites shortly.  Questions, and details to follow if there is interest.



**EDIT: If you're interested and haven't received an email, please let me know.  I don't think I've missed anyone.



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just going to use this thread to learn posters' real names and emails for some good ol' fashion stalking.


It's a fun, healthy activity until the season starts. 



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I've used u-sports for the past 6 years now, the website has really evolved nicely.  With a league of 8 you might want to limit the "talent pool" (the teams from which you can draft guys), otherwise you'll have some crazy high scoring and the waiver wire will always be stocked with studs.  In my league of 10 people we use the BCS conference teams and add ND since we have some whiny ND fans in the league, and then we drop out 2-3 of the crappy teams from each BCS conference (these vary from year to year).  The scoring is all very customizable, though we do the premuim league so that offers more options.  One not necessarily obvious consideration for a college league is playoff structure.  Because many teams have a late season byes and schedules are different for leagues with championship weeks than without, etc., you should carefully consider the playoff weeks depending on the teams in the talent pool.  Sucks to have a stud who is on "bye" during the championship - this is a problem that doesn't exist in NFL weeks (except in leagues that go beyond wk 16 I guess if studs get rested).  College fantasy is a fun thing to do, after a year or two you'll learn the quirks vs. pro and resolve them. 


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You know far more about the site then I do.  I have two questions: 1) can we conduct an online live draft on their website, or will we need to do that through another medium (chat, tango, googledocs, etc.)? 2) How do you set up bye weeks for a 10 team league? Rather than  play 1 team twice, I'd rather have a bye.  Or is there a better way to resolve this?


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Great. I'll send the emails now.  We can use this as a forum for scoring changes and suggestions.  Also we need to come up with a draft day.

Suggestions so far have been August 28th-30th range.


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thanks for the invite. I tried to sign up today but it says the league is full. hope I'm not too late as I assume if I was I wouldn't have gotten an invite.