OT: NCAA Closing in on Lane Kiffin

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 11th, 2010 at 9:32 PM

Lane Kiffin's just may have exhausted his ability to fail upward.  According to Joe Schad:

NCAA investigators have asked to speak with running back Bryce Brown about the recruiting practices at Tennessee under Lane Kiffin, Arthur Brown, Bryce's father, said Wednesday.

Arthur Brown said he's delayed the NCAA's request to meet soon in Witchita, Kan., because he's been preparing for an appeal for Bryce to be granted a transfer from Tennesssee. Brown said he and his son had the appeal teleconference with Tennessee on Wednesday and it lasted an hour and a half.


As for the NCAA inquiry, Arthur Brown said his family will cooperate with investigators. "They said they want to talk about the recruiting practices of Tennessee under Kiffin," Arthur Brown said. "We have nothing to hide. We have no need to be deceptive. If we made a mistake I can say it would not have been intentional. But I think this is about more than Bryce."

This has the potential to get very ugly for Kiffin, Tennessee and USC.



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The NCAA may have realized that the Michigan deal was blown so far out of proportion that they have to start cracking down on other *actually* serious offenses that they know have been happening... glad to see they've grown a pair. Hopefully they are brass.


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 the NCAA taking back college football from the sleaze bags.  I wonder if the NCAA is trying to save football from what happened to basketball, or is the new president putting his stamp on the organization?  At any rate Kiffin hitched his wagon to those abominations Ogeron and Sneaky Pete.

Maize and Blue…

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I won't believe it until they stop sleazeballs like Satan from taking 113 LOIs over a four year period (5 classes in a four year span) and cutting kids because we found someone with more potential.  Every team is a member of the NCAA and because some schools have different ethical standards than others it shouldn't put them at a competitive disadvantage.


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You can have her.  Platinum blond hair, unnaturally artificial white teeth, mountains of makeup, way-too-expensive lipstick.....there's nothing about that woman's looks that isn't bought and paid for.  I don't know anything about her personality-wise, but in the looks department she's exactly the type you'd expect to be hanging on the arm of a scummy sleazeball like Kiffin.....at least as long as he's got a Mercedes she can drive.


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there's nothing about that woman's looks that isn't bought and paid for

I have bought and paid for my fair share of women, and they never looked nearly as good. So I have to give Kiffin his due for being a good value-oriented shopper.  I wish I could get as much bang for my buck as he does. Giggity.

Michigan fanatic

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"You can have her. Platinum blond hair, unnaturally artificial white teeth, mountains of makeup, way-too-expensive lipstick.....there's nothing about that woman's looks that isn't bought and paid for. I don't know anything about her personality-wise"

What are you, Amish? I would give her the best ten seconds of her life!


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All they need to do is move in on Saban and other overrecruiters, and I'd officially have respect for NCAA investigators.

Not a Blue Fan

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Given Kiffin's history of failing up the professional ladder, I have no doubt that the NCAA slapping him with major violations will somehow result in his election as Space Pope.


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but then the Space Emperor got tired of checking with the Space Pope and left to form his country's own space religion, where he installed his friend as head of  the space church. Later, his friend got uppity and the Space Emperor sent his Space Guards to kill him and step on his skull to squish out his Space Brains.


August 11th, 2010 at 11:57 PM ^


Kiffin also responded to questions about published reports that the NCAA had interviewed several current and former Tennessee assistants in regard to possible recruiting violations during Kiffin's 14 months with the Volunteers.

ESPN.com reported that NCAA investigators last spring questioned two Tennessee assistants and a Florida State assistant.

"I think, based upon what I know right now, that there's a possibility we will get a letter of inquiry," Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton told govolsxtra.com

Kiffin said he was not concerned.

"I have great confidence in what we did there — that we didn't do anything wrong and so I'm not concerned one bit about it," Kiffin said.


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I gotta give it to Kiffin. He's played the game as well as anyone. Not the game of football, mind you, but the game of getting paid for being incompetent to the nth degree. It's really impressive if you think about it.


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She is hot, but people who think UM does not have beautiful women are crazy. Come to the hospital at around 12 or so and you will find plenty of babes.Intelligent, worldly, women who also happen to be attractive physically.

There is nothing sexier than a attractiv, intelligent, women who can stand on her own in this world. I'd love to have babies with a woman like that.


That said, I'd still like Layla taste my italian sausage.


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trouble thinking of a bigger asshat failure than Kiffin in college football.


Maybe Mike Price who was gifted the best job of his career and then threw it away in a strip club but even he had more success than Kiffin has had.


August 12th, 2010 at 4:55 AM ^

right, kiffins had nothing but failure.  except with usc.  and when he replaced a legend that had held on too long, leaving him no serviceable quarterback (sound familiar) and produced a winning record in the toughest conference in the country.  but other than that, nothing but failure


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Last year at Tennessee was an improvement over 2008, but not by all that much. He lost a tough game against eventual national champion Alabama, and beat three marginal bowl teams on the way to a 6-6 regular season and a post-season thumping by Virginia Tech. We'll never know if he would have brought Tennessee back to prominence, but one year is not enough to evaluate all but the very worst coaches.