OT: NCAA basketball video games?

Submitted by newfoundhbomb on March 9th, 2013 at 11:19 PM

hey guys i was wondering if anyone knows if they make anymore NCAA basketball games.  the last one that i have seen is for 2010 with Blake Griffin on the cover.  Did EA stop making the basketball game?



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I just googled the answer in less time than it probably took you to write the OP.

I'd paste the link, but in the amount of time it would take me, you could just look yourself.

NOLA Wolverine

March 9th, 2013 at 11:40 PM ^

That appears to be the case according to wikipedia. If you're looking for a college game, I would suggest College Hoops 2k8 with an updated roster (availible for download on 2k Share). Although, being 2k8, circulation is probably dwindling down to nothing. Although it's worth looking around for it a bit at local Gamestops in my opinion. 


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Yes but most people are holding out hope that 2K Sports could buy the license to the NCAA and make College Hoops 2k15. 2k14 seems unlikely.

And it would hopefully be on the next gen consoles.


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But they are essentially starting from scratch and would have from now(if it's in develpment) to work with the dev kits to be ready by 2014. You have to think how big the leap was from ps2/xbox to ps3/360...and it only took 2k two years after the release of the 360 to have a great game.

NOLA Wolverine

March 10th, 2013 at 12:02 AM ^

I think it's safe to assume they'd be able carry over the mechanics from their 2k NBA series for a latest gen release, and I think we can agree that the 2k NBA series have been solid games. As far as I could tell the 2k College Hoops was a complete port of the 2k NBA game back when they were both made. I agree that the leap probably won't be as big, which will make any transition easier, and backwards compatibility will probably (SHOULD) be a key design point, so there's hope there. But as someone who bought Madden 06 for the Xbox 360, I'd be perfectly okay with 2k letting EA Sports storm the beaches as they sit back and make a legitimate game for release after the initial year. Probably irrational based on the circumstances in both scenarios, but I REALLY hated Madden 06. 

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Wait er- never mind. Nervous reflexes from this past week with NCAA Football.

EA discontinued the series due to lack of a market. Rumors are that 2K is planning a 2K College game. 


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It seems like the college bball just kept getting worse. I still play college hoops 2k7 on my ps2. 2k5 was a fun one as well.


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NCAA Division I Basketball has 347 teams, the licensing fees got way way way too high and the ncaa got greedy

couple that with crappy game making ( ea sucked , 2k was solid )

if the ncaa lowered its demand on the licensing due to 347 teams it would have a shot, especially with the new gaming systems coming out

ncaa football, you only have 121 teams or so , so alot less teams to worry about on the licensing..


Hopefully with the new ps4 , and xbox 720, you will see a new college basketball video game..

we can only hope !


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I wish they made an NCAA Jam. Hardaway Jr. On Fire would be freaking awesome. For the younger members on the board I have no desire to explain how awesome this would be.


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SNL sucks usually but Justin Timberlake is on tonight. Anyway, he did his Veganville skit and at the end a bunch of people were dancing and a dude right in the front was wearing the Winged helmet. It was pretty cool, sorry for the thread jack but I don't have enough points to start one

Denardogasm beat me to it lol


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If I remember correctly, EA got the licensing rights but didn't want to make the game anymore due to lack of profit. Thus, they basically said, we are not going to make it and we will not let anyone else make it either. Thanks EA.

The Shredder

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2k8 is one of the my favorite games ever. I've played it since its release. Coach B finally retired in 2021 and I was offered the job. I was at UNC but couldnt turn down Michigan. I am like 488 and 181 and have played every single game(no sim). I had to go through 6 lower end schools and climb my way up to get the UNC job and now Michigan. Its a great game. 

The only thing that bothers me now is the outdated jerseys and Michigans terrible bland court they had back in the mid 00s. Wish there was an update. But back in 08 the detail at even the most smallest schools was insane. Nothing is generic in the game. Its going up in price with there being no other NCAA games and also due to its greatness. I see they are about $25-30 on ebay. I bought my 3rd copy at a gamestop a month ago for $10. I bought my 2nd copy a few years ago for like $3. Yes I have played the game so much I am now on my 3rd copy. Go buy it  now if you enjoy sim basketball and not the arcade garbage. I can olny hope that 2k will make a new one some day. 

the Glove

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I'm sorry, it's hard to not give a smart ass answer because how long the lawsuits have been going on, but I will do my best to give a legit one.

Kelly a former backup quarterback at Nebraska is sewing the NCAA as well as what was a separate court case, O'bannon a basketball player from UCLA. It is over likeness rights for college players. The two court cases have since been combined. The case has been going on for close to 4-5 years now. The outcome of this court case will have huge implications for college games and if amateur college athletes past and present will receive money for likenesses being used on games.