OT: NCAA 14 Online Dynasty Startup (XB360) Edit: Full

Submitted by JR's Flow on July 8th, 2013 at 8:38 PM

Well, it's that time of year folks. Tomorrow, July 9th, is when NCAA Football 14 is released, and I was looking to start up an Big Ten Online Dynasty.

Now I'd like to be Michigan, but if everyone would just like them to be a CPU I'm fine with that. If no one is UM, I will take Rutgers.

Yes, Rutgers and Maryland will be added. I would be open to adding ND but since they're matchup with UM is ending, either way is fine with me. 

If we were to add those three teams, I am not sure if you must have an even number of teams for a Conference Championship Game or even if you can have 16 teams. I will be getting the game right away tomorrow so I will look into that. 

We will probably start on everything All-American until we get a feel for how this year's game plays. 

I would like for everyone to be getting the game this week if not sooner so we can start ASAP, BUT we will wait for the named rosters and none of the ratings will be changed. Hopefully those rosters will be out by the weekend or beforehand. 

So it will be first come first serve. List your gamertag, team you want, and email. 

My contact information:

Gamertag: Jesse Tha Great

Email: [email protected]

I'll update this post with teams taken and the member chosen:

ALL TEAMS are taken. 

JR's Flow: Michigan 

Hokemadness27: Northwestern 

Professor X: Nebraska 

Geaux Blue: Ohio

emooretc: Maryland 

Bill: Indiana

icefins26: Penn State 

michigan2323: Wisconsin 

TimHardaway'sHat_1: Rutgers 

GoBlueFromEL: Michigan State

Ajbb0510: Iowa

PORKY PIG: Illinois

baseball4ever3: Purdue 

Shuttisland2: Minnesota



July 8th, 2013 at 8:56 PM ^

I can't post a topic yet, guess I'm to new here is some rosters for temp use...

Michigan is done among others, only partial. I only did the ps3 Michigan roster, xbox is someone else's. did the best I could coaches names only pretty much for Michigan on ps3. complete rosters should hit on the weekend. Check operationsports.com

xbox360 : TheGalatzanator

ps3: s30andz32

The Xbox roster is some ole miss fans, don't add him, just a partial roster he did michigan. I use ps3.