OT: NCAA 14 - Hernandez Unlockable

Submitted by boliver46 on July 8th, 2013 at 2:54 PM

I'm getting the game tomorrow as a Happy Birthday to Myself - but interesting to note Aaron Hernandez appears as an unlockable player in NCAA Football 14's Ultimate Team mode


Appears the inadvertant inclusion of Hernandez (game completed production before the whole murder situation), will be rectified by replacing Hernandez with Alex Smith.

Since I haven't bought the Franchise in years - and fairly new to Xbox 360 - what exactly is a "Title Update"?  Will it be an automatic content update at some point to put Alex Smith in place of Hernandez?



July 8th, 2013 at 3:28 PM ^

Sometime in the near future when you boot up the game, you will quickly be asked to download the update.  It'll probably take a minute for it to download, install, and the game to reboot.  Odds are, when you get the game tomorrow you'll have to download a patch for it upon first booting the game (fairly normal for games now a day to have a Day 1 patch to correct glitches that weren't spotted until the game went final or to correct issues that couldn't have been fixed before the game went to publisher).

I do like having Alex Smith in the game, he will be a better player for the College Football style OT.  Versus Hernandez who is much better with Sudden Death. #MGoTooSoon?


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If you knew how to utilize the TE, he was a matchup nightmare.  My only recourse was to play with the stacked Georgia team.

I guess I'm going to selfishly wish that "innocent until proven guilty" was in play here.  I'm sure I won't get this game until after he's removed.


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I was wondering if I could get clarification.  Does Hernandez appear as:
1) With his name attached this player
2) as FL TE #81 or someting similar FL TE #81

If it is the latter then this decision could have some major impact on the O'Bannon case.

I have no idea how he appears in the game but wanted to know if anyone else did.

Naked Bootlegger

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That's because it's really not Brady Hoke and should bear no resemblance to Michigan's  actual HC, otherwise everyone's likeness would require EA Sports to pay royalties of some sort.   Right?   Just like we know WR #10 who is about 5'8", has cloaking capabilitiies, and can  grab those high throws remarkably well really isn't Jeremy Gallon.


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Would love to create/join a ps3 online dynasty. Getting the game tomorrow morning. Let me know If you have an opening or are interested in joining one. Id: dentalmonsterum.


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Michigan is done among others, only partial. I only did the ps3 Michigan roster, xbox is someone else's. did the best I could. depth chart not edited, coaches names only pretty for Michigan. complete rosters should hit on the weekend.

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