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Just got NCAA 12 anyone else get it tonight at midnight. It shows a lot of michigan stuff in the open video and denard has is own scene.



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How could you even play 10? After the gazillionth time being picked off by a linebacker 20 yards in front of your intended receiver, that disc should have been frisbee'd out the window.

Birds still talk about that day 2 years ago, when it seemed every other window was shooting disc-shaped silicon projectiles.


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Speaking for myself, I never had that problem. More often than not I had to dump it down to the rb but could still get a decent gain. I guess that's how I play: go deep or go short. NCAA 06, or whichever had Larry Fitzgerald on the cover, cursed me with that gameplan.


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FWIW, I read that they spread out the ratings even more this year, so a 73 is probably closer to mid-range than bad like last year.


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They did lower the ratings across the board so this year so that you don't see 90+ rated guys as often, and when you do they are special players. This also allows them to have guys in the 80 range to be significant contributors to teams, which is good, because in years past only 90+ really seemed to have an effect on the game.


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Anyone try to create their own conference yet, or run any single player testing? With all the scandals lately, I'm wondering if any programs can be put on probation or bowl bans in NCAA 12. 


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I'm picking it up today for 360 and once I update the rosters,  I'll let you know.  I often times take out lower level depth guys and/or incorrect players (i.e. Christian) and rename them and move them for guys who may have more of an impact (i.e. Rawls, Hayes).  I also tweak the ratings based on what we've been hearing as far as improvements in the spring.  Nothing drastic but I may bump up Carvin or Jake Ryan, for example.  As I discussed up earlier in the thread, I will change appearances and equipment to match based on the spring game (Denard's new helmet/facemask, for one) and number changes that may be incorrect.


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Fair warning for everyone picking up the game that plans on using custom playbooks.

There is a bug with custom playbooks that when the play calling screen shows up, plays are disappearing/not being able to be selected. Then when the guys break the huddle all 11 stack on top of each other on the ball and you are unable to hike it.


This was supposed to be fixed in the launch day patch. Many people are not reporting it as being fixed.


The Gaming Tailgate is working on gathering information as to whether or not this bug is based on having a certain number of plays/formations in your custom playbook. Right now it seems 15+ formations and 300+ plays is keeping the bug from not occuring, but that is not confirmed.



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The bottom line is that if you enjoyed the core gameplay ofNCAA 11, you are going to appreciate the significance of the gameplay changes Tiburon implemented in this year's game. This is the best playing NCAA Football game to hit this generation of consoles, and I would even argue that it plays a better on-field game than some of the legendary last-gen NCAA Football titles.

FWIW - from a review on operationsports.com.  Sounds like this game might be worth going for.


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does the blue color for UM look off in the game? Looks too light or something.

As somebody else mentioned , the default rosters are pretty rough. They defiantly overrated our D(particurly Kovacs who is rated a 89) and the both the offensive and defensive depth charts are out of whack in some spots (Grady rated higher than Odoms at WR, Smith being rated higher and starting over Shaw and Hopkins, Vlad Elimien on the roster and starting at FS ). Not to  mention the fact that Devin Gardner seems pretty underrated as both his awareness and throwing are terrible( 58 and 74 respectively). Oh well nothing some editing can't fix, but there is no way I would start a dynasty with the default roster.

The Baughz

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Anyone know when the rosters will be done?  Last yr I bought the game 2 weeks after the release date, so I had no issues with finding the rosters. I usually dl them from the gaming tailgate or operation sports, but there is no word on when they will be ready.


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Dammit I'm at work and no ones home to sign for the pacakage (got it via Amazon on UPS).  Is this something they'd leave at my door? I left a note saying to leave it but I think on something over a certain dollar amount they won't leave it. 


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In watching my cousin play, and hes a huge msu fan so hes obviously playing againist us. He thinks this is what is a sign of whats to come this season


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One thing I would like to see fixed is scholarships. I hate feeling like the SEC and signing 20+ guys a year and than cutting 10 of them. So I would like to receive just enough scholarships to fill my team in every class. Think that would make recruiting a lot better especially in online dynasty's.


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Is anyone else having a problem with Denard getting hurt literally every other play?  I am 4 games into my dynasty and Denard has had about 15 injuries, all minor so far so he comes back, but it's kind of ridiculous. 


July 13th, 2011 at 11:07 AM ^

Yes tons of problems.  First game he gets hurt a few plays.  2nd him and Devin get knocked out of game.  3rd game Denard gets injured for 16 weeks.

Next season during the first game he gets injured for 11 and I restart.  I'm not playing the only two season with Denard without him because they don't allow fucking injury red shirts. 

Also I'm getting pissed cause supposedly things got fixed.  Yet still 3/4 man rushes destroy offensive line almost instantly.  The worse is CB, SS, FS running back to the ball the whole time making no look over the shoulder catches.  I probably have that happen once a game minimum.  Wide open oops guess not random guy not covering me but running a similar directions makes a no look int.


July 12th, 2011 at 10:40 PM ^

I know this is a very minor thing, but has anyone had problems with the custom music on this game? I added the music the MMB plays during games in the specific situations, but it has not played during the home games. It worked well with last year's game and made it pretty realistic.