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Just got NCAA 12 anyone else get it tonight at midnight. It shows a lot of michigan stuff in the open video and denard has is own scene.



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im broke as of right now (graduate student/debt/real world) and so for the first time in many years I wont be able pick up this game right away.  However I am also interested in our listed offensive scheme (and whether or not it works better with the spread) and defensive scheme.  FWIW I heard its not much different than 11 aside from the dreads which I suppose is a pretty big deal for us....bollocks.

Omar Comin Yo

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Why the hell is Cam Gordon playing SS? Cullen Christian is still on the team... T Talbot is rated higher than Will Cambell? No Justice Hayes/Rawls/any incoming frosh except im asuming Bellomy with #11 instead of 3?? They could really put more time into rosters...


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Also the reason the game is missing many people is due to the fact that in game rosters only have 70 spots. So for each team EA has to choose 15 people to not make the list.

Add to that the fact that it seems the rosters are very old (see that Adam Robinson is on Iowa when he got kicked off a while ago I believe).

I am going to wait till people release named rosters and then I will edit our players somewhat.


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1. Your avatar is Abed. Your handle is Abed. As far as I'm concerned, you are Abed getting excited over a game. If you don't like jokes about Asperger's then I suggest you stop watching Community because there are a fair amount in there.

2. I do know someone with Asperger's and that makes it even funnier for me because he gets excited over games too.

3. Just because you find it taboo doesn't mean that it wasn't a funny connection for me to make.


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I am a pretty big NCAA nerd.  I think the dreads issue was something that had been raised by the schools in the south for awhile now.  Denard probably had something to do with it, but to say "all because of you" is totally misleading.  


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Yeah, right.

Denard changed the world, man.  He's the first player who wears dreads to ever smile or avoid arrest.

Bob Marley - illegal activity + Tim Tebow's smile + the Dalai Lama + Jimmie Johnson's engine - shoelaces + a hippity-hop-to-the-left = #16


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was definitely not meant to be misleading, and admittedly, that was too strong of wording on my part.  However, I truly do believe that Denard Robinson is one of, if not the most recognizable players in college football today.  He plays for the one of the notable universities, had some of the best statistical games by any player at his position in the modern era and has a style of play that makes him fun to watch by even those who don't particularly enjoy football.

He will be the most often used QB in NCAA 2012 nationwide, IMO, and if it weren't for what he did last year, I truly don't think the dreads would be in this year's version.

No question though, he is not the first noteworthy player to have the hair.

He will be the first president/astronaut/Mars King to have been a 3-time AA.


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I'll wait till the fully named rosters come out to make the many many necessary edits to the UM roster and tsio changes (edit Pryor to someone else, edit tress to fickle)
<br>Other than that, I really like the upgraded presentation (lighting, intros) and the gameplay is much smoother from what I can tell so far. Lots of new animations too and I've only played a couple games so far. I'm excited to get into the new coaching carousel also, but I've always been a big dynasty guy regardless.
<br>Overall I'm happy so far. Much better than last year and the fully named/edited rosters will take it over the top IMO.


July 12th, 2011 at 7:12 AM ^

Once a roster comes out, I will tweak Michigan's roster as well as edit player appearances along with equipment. I am OCD when it comes to correct facemasks, armbands, helmet styles, etc. I will post soon.