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Submitted by M-Wolverine on May 21st, 2013 at 8:34 PM
On now. Otherwise know as the thing the Pistons won't win because they won meaningless games at te end of the season thing. But more on-topic, we can see where Trey might go by what teams are picking where.



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In 2010 they were tied with the 76ers and the Sixers ended up with the 2nd pick. This year they were tied with the Wizards and Washington ends up with the 3rd pick. Things may have fallen for them on draft day, but teams at the same spot as they were defied the odds and bumped them back.


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I think Noel and McLemore are the top 2 prospects in the draft and I dont think it is likely that a team takes Burke in front of either.

So the best case for Trey was to have teams that need Mclemore or Noel pick 1 and 2, so theyre off the board and then have point guard needy teams lined up 3,4,5.


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Is Noel really going to be a center? At the combine he measured in at 207 lbs. That seems very very slight for someone expected to play on the inside.

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As a fellow Cavs fanatic I love it. Nerlens doesn't need an offensive game immediately. Offense is far from the problem of the Cavs. Noel will score 10 a game off lobs from a driving Kyrie and Dion, or at least off some driving Kyrie and Dion hockey assists.

The problem is his knee and if he can come back relatively sooner than later. I'm scared as heck. I know a lot of people talk about LeBron coming back ... Which would be awesome. The problem is if LeBron doesn't come back, they draft a paper mâché ACL in Nerlens and he can't or doesn't come back until next year they may not win many games again this year. Kyrie at the end of the was getting SAAAALLLTTTYYY at the losing and it showed in his demeanor. Last thing I want as a Cavs fan is another superstar and what could wind up being a top 5 player in the league in a couple years leaving like LeBron did.

Cleveland is the factory of sadness.

Cville Blue

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I don't think Lebron is ever coming back. No inside info, just what I think. Having the first pick is great, but I'm just not in love with Noel. Based on the current roster I'd love to see the cavs package the 19,31, and 32 for another top ten pick. We need a tall rangy 3.

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Absolutely. I just don't really see Porter as a #1 and a trade back isn't very likely. The 19, 32 and 1 of next years #1's could move us into the top ten and definitely get Shabazz who I dislike more and more or maybe a Porter that is falling out of the top 5. That is my ideal scenario. Kyrie, Dion, Porter, Tristan, Noel with Varejao, Zeller, CJ Livingston Ellington and Gee in the bench is really solid .... A pipe dream, but an awesome one.

Cville Blue

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Just talked to my buddy. We reminisced about the old Richfield Coliseum. They went one step beyond the trough in the mens room. They tiled the floor, wall and added a raised tiled ridge to keep the piss from going everywhere. Basically, you pissed on the wall and floor. As a young kid it was a dream, come true.


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The Stones need a leader and Trey Burke is that man. Without a trade, Trey will be long gone by the time we pick. CURSE YOU DUMARS!!!!! You continue to put out a team thats just good/bad enough to pick mid lottery. HIRE BRIAN SHAW!!!!


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I don't mind the 8th overall pick. They can still get good players at that spot. Dumars have darted well in 1st round recently but it helps that Monroe, Knight and Drummond fell to his spot.

Anthony Bennett would be a perfect bridge player for Monroe and Drummond as a Lamar Odom type at the 4. He has good size, skills and is a good all around player.

CJ McCollum isn't a bad consolation prize if they don't get Burke but Pistons have a million combo guards on the roster. If Dumars thinks that he can be a PG in the next level, he may be the pick.

Still a chance that either Otto Porter or Victor Oladipo could fall to their spot. You just never know.

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So obviously happy night for me. Still, I hate the Cavs. Hate them more than the Knicks/Celtics/Heat. Glad there isn't a true #1 stud for them to take.

Having said that, 3 is a good spot to be. Noel should go #1, Mclemore or Burke to the Magic I would assume. Leaves Otto Porter, Bennett, and either Mclemore/Burke. Mclemore and Burke wouldn't fit in DC, unfortunately, but could be involved in a trade.

Lots of excitement on 'Bullets Forever' about potential trades. Could be a lot of value attached to the pick on draft day, but some of these trades are pure Wizards fan porn:

"Lakers get Emeka Okafor + Trevor Ariza + #3 pick this year + 2015 first round pick

sign-and-trade for

Dwight Howard"


"Minnesota gets Emeka Okafor + Jan Vesely _ #3 pick in 2013 + #34 pick in 2013 + 2015 first round pick


Kevin Love + JJ Barea"



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Was so hoping the Mavs would get lucky even though their sights are set on CP3. Trey could be a better shooting version of him in 3 years. Hopefully they take Timmy, or trade up for Burke.


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I think there is a great chance that Trey ends up with the Pistons.  I would have liked to see him go further up, but the teams above the Pistons are getting decent production out of the position, and I don't know if any of them would consider Trey enough of an upgrade to use a high lottery pick on him.  

With the Pistons not bothering to interview him, it looks like classic "sandbagging" and trying to hide their true intentions.  

The Geek

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Link: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/386098-stunned-cavs-open-to-dealing-top-pick?eref=fromSI

Thought I'd throw this into the dogpile, as a few posts have suggested the Cavs trade down.

Wouldn't be a bad move in this draft, IMHO. Anyone who watched Nerlen' injury should have second thoughts about the young man's knees/health. I hope nothing but the best for the young man, but I would be very nervous using a number one pick on him.  


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Hoping that Porter somehow falls to the Pistons. We need a SF very badly. Could use a PG or a SG as well. We're just hurting on the perimeter and I don't see Knight as anything more than a combo guard off the bench, which is fine.