OT: NBA Draft Lottery

Submitted by M-Wolverine on May 21st, 2013 at 8:34 PM
On now. Otherwise know as the thing the Pistons won't win because they won meaningless games at te end of the season thing. But more on-topic, we can see where Trey might go by what teams are picking where.



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They could actually have taken them with the higher pick?  All a higher pick does is allows you to take someone better, or makes sure you don't have to hope other teams pass on those guys for you to have a shot at them.

Regardless, 4 years in the lottery and they still don't have a franchise player to show for it. They need to tank high enough to not lose the pick and get a top pick in NEXT year's draft, but they'll probably win just enough to get wasted by Miami in the Playoffs, or just miss it, and not have a draft pick to show for it, and forever be in the middle of the conference.


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At last report, the most likely order would be Magic, Bobcats, Cavaliers then Suns for the first four. If I am not mistaken, the lottery actually has not been won by the team with the worst record since 2004, when - oddly enough - the Magic used this pick on some dude named Dwight Howard. 


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Absolutely. Well now that Cleveland has the pick we know he wont go #1.

Who wants him to go to a team owned by a stereotypical, whiny Sparty anyway? Gilbert really is a typical Sparty isnt he? Never thought about that before tonight.


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The Darko mistake is overrated. There were three top guys that year, and while the Pistons got the bust, they are also the only team of the three to win a championship since that draft.

In retrospect they should've taken Wade, but hindsight is 20/20 and they were in good shape at the 2 at the time. I don't think they'd have won the title with Melo.


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But they get paid the big bucks to know MORE than the fan on the street, not just as much. You're in the most talent rich draft of the last 25 years with a top pick and you come away with nothing, That's a problem. Frankly, if they weren't excited about Carmelo (who they didn't take because they had Prince...I mean, really) and they were going for a big guy they should have taken Bosh.  He was thought to be up there, and less of a stretch at the time than Wade. Bosh might have meant they didn't need to trade for Sheed, or he'd have been a hell of a rotation in the front court.  And when Ben left they probably would have kept playing for championships.


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Been ranting for a long time on how obviously stupid a lottery system is as well as it being rigged (especially in the 80's) toward big market teams. Now way (despite what an ESPN article tried to poorly debunk) that Ewing to thee Knicks wasn't predetermined. No way. Same for Cleveland and LeBron. Sure, Celeveland blew but the NBA wanted their next Jordan to be happy. He had to succeed. So.....Cleveland was not losing that lottery even when half the time a team with a 12% chance wins when there are no clear mega-stars in the draft.


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He made it VERY clear in about 100 interviews. Gave the obligatory "I'll play anywhere but..." words in each but then said how much he'd like to stay around Akron (Cleveland). Other than his words......maybe I'm just assuming?!? I dunno?


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OK, but it's not like he made an ultimatum, Eli Manning-style, that it was Cleveland or else.

I feel like your thinking is all over the place here.  Patrick Ewing isn't from NYC, so why didn't the NBA rig the lottery to "keep him happy"?  What about some other cases?  How do you explain San Antonio, a small-market team, twice winning the lottery when franchise big men were available?  Was there no conspiracy those years?

I'm no big fan of Stern's, but for every "fishy" lotto winner, I think you can find plenty that weren't.

Mr. Yost

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Sucks he won't have anyone to play with though...

If he doesn't go #2 and Orlando takes McLemore...then Burke will likely slide unless (or until) someone trades up for him.

Really no one would need a PG until #7 Sacramento and they too could go with a wing player.

Obviously the Pistons fans would love to have him at #8.

IMO, if he doesn't go #2, he still goes Top 5 because someone will trade up for him. Hopefully Detroit.

I don't know how they would do it, but somehow I'd love to see Detroit come away with Burke and Shabazz Muhammed. Trade everyone not named Drummond, Monroe or Knight if you have to. Wishful thinking.


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Greivis Vazquez had a very good year.  Even led the NBA in assists, I think.  I mean, it always depends who else is available, and whether or not they want to commit to Vazquez long-term (he can sign an extension to his rookie deal this offseason), but PG was not a weakness for New Orleans last year.

Unfortunately for Trey it could be a bit of a wait if Orlando doesn't take him, unless some team wisely trades up.  But the Pistons could end up lucking out (if they'd even know what to do with the pick.)


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and hes a smart player.  But hes already 26 and is very likely near his ceiling as a player.

I also think that there is a cliff after the top 5 or 6 players in the draft, noel,mclemore,burke,porter,oladipo,bennett, so i doubt theyd reach positionally for a lower ranked player.  

New Orleans runs a lot of screen roll as well, and they may be shopping eric gordon, their combo guard, so despite having Vasquez, I dont see them passing on Burke if hes there.  But it does look  like #2 or #6 for Burke unless there is a trade in there.