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The NBA draft is tonight!  There are many rumored trades, a lot of smoke screens, and virtually no way to predict what's going to happen tonight.  Come here and share your hopeful picks for the Pistons or whatever team you may follow!

Until then, here are some mock drafts by some respected sources:


Finally, here's a link to my fledgling blawg that has a few draft posts already.  http://www.getsomepistons.com
I plan on posting 2-3 solid posts today and then a Hello post for each draft pick.  Tomorrow I'll grade the draft.  After that, things will slow down immensely and there's not much to talk about besides the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.



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Who do you think the Pistons are sitting on since they won't trade their #8 pick until they see who is available?  I actually think they are just waiting to explore all trade options but ESPN seems to be saying that they have all but locked in on Tristan Thompson.  He grades out high everywhere but I'd rather take Jonas.


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If Thompson is gone, they trade down.  I think they like Biyombo, but he is a big risk.  I would hope they take the Rockets trade offer, assuming it is still on the table. 


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Bobcats would have to make the trade before the draft though since Houston would obviously take the #8 pick for 14 and 23 rather than #9.  My buddy told me this morning that he heard that Houston wants Thompson and the Pistons are going to draft him and trade with Houston.  Just more rumors.


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He's got a goofy draft range.  He did absolutely tank his EuroCamp workout, so teams that would be conventionally wise to select him could pass.  He's even been talked about going as high as #5 to Toronto (don't know what this would mean for Amir Johnson).

If Joe tries to draft another 6'5" combo guard I may just strangle him.  Stuckey, Terrico White, and Iman Shumpert would be overkill.


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It's hard to assign a positionto JaJuan Johnson.  Two years ago he has a SF prospect and now he's a PF/C.  He's reminding people an awful lot of Tyrus Thomas, who is an athletic specimen for the Charlotte Bobcats but a total knucklehead.  I think Johnson is deemed guiilty by association.

He should absolutely be a first rounder.


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I hope you know that the real M fans - and there are many more than the negative ones - wish you nothing but the very best.  Of course, we wish you had stayed, but hope for the very best for you!  I'm sure you will continue to wow us as we cheer you on as a pro player.  (Maybe even as a Piston?)

2010-2011 was an exciting year for Michigan .  There will be other players to grow into your place and carry on your legacy.  Your hard work last summer with John Wall and tenaciousness and dedication to your teammates demonstrated how much you accomplished.  Go Blue!

Laser Wolf

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I speak from a Cavs fan point of view, but after Irving and Williams I don't really see a single prize in the lottery outside of Tristan Thompson. He's already a great defender and rebounder, he's tough as nails, and his offensive game is coming along. The Cavs won't do it, but I'd rather have him than Kanter/Valanciunas/Vesely at #4.


Barring those guys, I think Kawhi Leonard is the type of player every contending team needs. Lockdown defender on the perimeter, can guard three positions, can get to the rim. If he can get his jumper to even a moderate level of consistency, I think he could be a solid role player for a championship team.


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I've been reading about this draft every day for the last year.  I've never seen a draft as unpredictable as this one. There's a real sense of urgency I think to get trades done and set things up for next year now because it might be 6 months before trades can be made again the way CBA negotiations are going.


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Pistons have to draft Jonas V. if he's there at 8. It makes way too much sense. He won't be here next year which should actually make him more attractive to Detroit as it puts the team in an even better spot for a high draft pick next year (in a better draft), gives Monroe his front court partner and gives the team another season to rid itself of cancer like Hamilton and Stuckey to create a good environment for a killer rookie class of 2012. 

Image Jonas V. and Harrison Barnes, if you will. THAT is rebuilding. Draft a guy like Kemba and the Pistons may draft around #10 next year. Forest for the trees.




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Sounds like smokescreen.

Regarding Kemba Walker(whom I hope the Pistons doesn't draft):

The Pistons have Kwahi Leonard and Kemba Walker as their top 2 players at #8 overall and if both are gone, they'll consider Tristian Thompson, Bismack Biyombo and Marcus Morris.

The Pistons will pass on Kemba even if he's available at #8.

Both reports seemingly contridict each other, but the main theme is the Pistons are looking to draft a big man.  My hope is they can see through the Euro workout and look at NIKE Summit Hoop game to see his potential as a player. There's a reason why he is the first player ever to record a triple double at 12 pts, 10 reb and 10 blocked shots.  He was the best player on the court and was dominant defensively which is why people(including me) are so excited about him because he's NBA ready defensively and has potential to become a good low post scorer.  IMO, his floor is Dikembe Mutombo. A good defensive center who can block shot but isn't a great offensive player.  His ceiling is Hakeem.  A great defensive center who can score.  People forget that Hakeem is raw coming out of University of Houston and developed into one of the best player of all time.  I'm not saying that Bismack will be the best player of all time but he certainly has potential to be a great player and may end up being the best player in the draft when all is said and done.


June 23rd, 2011 at 2:07 PM ^

Good new for you and me.  Bismack has been officially invited to the green room.  That means that NBA got a word that he'll be taken in the lottery.  I hope the Pistons told them that he won't get by them.


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My vote is for Biyombo at #8. Detroit has to re-establish its patented defensive identity and Bismack is the guy to start with. However, reports say his back and knees have worried some teams which to me is a red flag...but Arnie Kander knows what he's doing, so I'm okay with the pick, even with the *gulp* illeged knee problems.

In the 2nd round, I'm praying DMo is there, and praying even more that Joe D. takes him. Yeah, what everyone else said about luck in the future for Mr. Morris...and what better place to spend then in luxurious Auburn Hills, Michigan!!!

Another name that Detroit is reportedly high on is Jimmy Butler at #33. Yes, yes, and more yes. The guy brings intensity, heart, and defense, and the last time I checked, we need all of those things.

Hoping for another big at #52, maybe Craig Smith or whatever.


June 23rd, 2011 at 4:18 PM ^

k,  finally about to get on 97.1 the ticket.

About to break some news to them, too, that may greatly affect Detroit directly.


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Conflicting reports.  Woj says it's Thompson, Givony says Biyombo.  Woj has been on fire the last two drafts, so I'm putting my faith in him.

and the effing phone cut off right when it was my turn, but I called back and said my piece and they relayed it to the hosts.  My point was that Joe may have been sending out all these smokescreens to manipulate Charlotte, who worked out all of Markieff/Marcus Morris and Tristan Thompson twice each.


June 23rd, 2011 at 5:36 PM ^

johnathan givony is convinced bobcats will take Biyombo at 7 now after the bobcats-kings-bucks three team deal that gives charlotte 7th pick (along with the 9th pick that they already have), bucks get stephen jackson, shaun livingston, beno udrih and 19th pick, kings get john salmons and MIL 10th pick.


maybe Dumars and his staff won't have the chance to decide on all of these Bismack Biyombo issues. chances are they take tristan thompson at 8. or they could deal the 8th for 14 and 23rd picks from houston...


June 23rd, 2011 at 6:52 PM ^

and has a chance to be the steal of the draft.  Texas' coach is aweful and I don't totally trust how someone performs in their system. 

Comparing him to the Morris twins is laughable.  Marcus hasn't improved that much in the last year and Markieff doesn't seem to have one defineable elite skill.

Anywhere from 4-9 would be a good place for Thompson to go.