OT: NBA is back

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Ken Berger from CBS was the first to break the news.

@KBergCBSKen Berger
BREAKING: Tentative agreement reached, according to one of the negotiators. #NBA #lockout

Deal was reached after 15 hours of negotiating right around 3 AM.  As far as I know, from other news stories that I've heard, a 52 game season might be what we'll see.
EDIT 2: Read comments to find out that this is just "turrible" because it means less NCAAM Basketball and NHL coverage.  Additionally, read more to find out the NBA is an overhyped soap opera with too many prima donnas and unfair officiating.
EDIT 3: Sorry Pistons fans, I didn't realize how much you hated the NBA now that your team isn't as good.



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Down with LeBron. Apparently owners moved on a few items per ESPN live at 3.39a - west coast ESPN crew. Was looking forward to a NBA free winter spring summer pro.basketball is the worst major sport would rather see pro soccer, lax or even jousting, take the position that the NBA has in our culture. Get off my lawn David Stern!!!!


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Thankfully a Badger control policy was agreed to.


We at the National Beef Association (NBA) are fully committed to ridding the UK of TB and are delighted to be able to comment on the draft guidance to Natural England (NE) regarding licences to cull and vaccinate badgers in specified control areas.

It is very positive that we are heading towards a situation where the industry and Government can work together to tackle this disease issue on all fronts, and the NBA is enthusiastic about the idea of taking measures in areas of high TB infection to reduce infected badger numbers in addition to the existing exhaustive cattle controls. We see this issue as entirely about disease control; not the extermination of badgers but rather action to protect healthy badgers from the 10-mile per year spread of TB within the species....."


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  I was getting excited about getting to see more college ball on TV...I might just still boycott the NBA until Joey D decides to put an actual NBA caliber team on the floor


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It's the biggest day of football season and you're posting about basketball? Not even college basketball?

Jesus fuckin' christ. This is embarassing for everybody.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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I hope Ohio fans bring up the past today. Cause I'm going to tell everyone that I am taking my talents to South Beach... Or free tattoos...
<br>In all seriousness, I don't really care for the NBA much. The competition among the top teams and the bottom teams is too far out. I dislike the creation of the "big 3" of the current league, and unless they addressed that I do not see myself watching much more than the occasional Piston game.


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I'll list some reasons...

1. NBA games are a glorified free throw shooting contests.

2. Dribbling the ball is optional.

3. Far to much 1 on 1 play.

4. Players not giving maximum effort.

5. Certain teams have a huge advantage due to the market they play in. (this may be changing under the new CBA, I don't know)

6. The NBA image is all about "I" rather than "we."

7. So many teams make the playoffs that the regular season hardly matters. Seeing barely .500 teams get in is pathetic.

I'm sure there are more reasons to add but this is some of them.


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Maybe a few of the players realized they were going to have to get McJobs if they wanted to make it rain at the local strip club or feed the "posse."  A paltry four million or so a year looks great, considering it's more than many of their fans will make in their entire lives. 


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I can't wait for Belein to get some more players into the NBA so that some of the ridicuolous, overblown hate for the league on the board can subside(since we'll have Michigan guys to root for). 


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I watch the Pistons, but that's it really. NBA isn't as watchable as it used to be. Superstars get some favorable calls in every sport, but in the NBA it's inexcusable what happens. Not to mention there are just some unbearable personalities in the NBA.

Was hoping that the NHL would get the coverage it deserves with the NBA being gone, but oh well.


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I've been enjoying not having it around and was hoping the season wouldn't happen. More college BB coverage as well as other more compelling sports where the athletes actually seem to care about the game at hand. 


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I really hope the league suffers for their arrogance.  Did the players wrestle another percent or two from the "greedy owners" even as they depend on "greedy owners" to fill the suites and line the pockets of the top players with endorsement dollars? 

I have come to hate the NBA.   

All Day

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I share the OP's excitement. 

1- ESPN still wasn't showing hockey highlights.

2- this won't affect how much (little?) NHL games are broadcast anyway.

3- The NBA has the best athletes in the world. People who understand basketball understand that these players are so much more fundamentally sound they make it look easy. 

4- Go Bulls!

5-20- BEAT ohio!



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