OT - Nate Dogg Dies at 41

Submitted by JimLahey on March 17th, 2011 at 12:37 AM

I will admit, I am obsessed with old school hip hop. This is a big loss for music. At one point, you couldn't even produce a hit on the west coast unless you had a chorus by Nate Dogg. We have all cruised around in our crappy cars with the windows down and his voice blaring at some point in our lives. RIP Nate Dogg. In his honour, I would appreciate if someone embedded a video of Regulate by Warren G, one of the smoothest tracks of all time. I don't know how to do it yet.



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Saw Lupe Fiasco's RIP for Nate Dogg earlier on twitter and didn't believe it at first. Not really old enough to appreciate the stuff originally, but I enjoy Nate Dogg's raps still.


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‎"Look here mane. Yall might as well just say fuck it and join this west side game. Cause once you join this, you as genius as can mother fuckin be. Believe that homie. Look, it aint a hit til Nate Dogg spit. You know tha motha fuckin side, world wide." - Regulate in Peace to the big homie Nate Dogg. 


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I forgot how many good tracks he was on.....

There are a ton more, but I've already posted enough. His part at the end of "Bitch Please" is very fitting for today. RIP Nate Dogg......

Hoken's Heroes

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"We have all cruised around in our crappy cars with the windows down and his voice blaring at some point in our lives."

Sorry, can't lump me in with this as I think rap sucks. Jazz to Rap is a devolution of music if you consider rap music which I do not. Dumbing music down is not a good thing.


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You choose the thread about his death profess your hatred for the what he loved and made his life's work?

You stay classy there, Duke Ellington.

Additionaly, shouldn't you be making triple digits right about now instead of posting hateful shit about music people on this board really like? http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/ot-why-are-gas-prices-so-high-anyway#comment-1002632


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I guess he actually had a couple of strokes in the last few years ... on of which he mostly recovered from, but another one that left him partially paralyzed (not sure how I didn't even know about this until yesterday).  The doctors aren't sure yet if those played a role or not, but it doesn't seem unlikely.

Moe Greene

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Always a good mantra to think about before a day of lame meetings:


16 in the clip and one in the hole

Nate Dogg's about to make some bodies turn cold

Now they droppin' and yellin'

It's a tad bit late

Nate Dogg and Warren G had to regulate


/ Must be more gangsta at work


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I'm still a lover of old school West Coast hip hop myself (this is made easier by how shitty everything that comes out today is).  Nate Dogg's contribution to that sub-genre is beyond estimation, and g-funk simply couldn't have existed without him.


I've seen a lot of great tracks mentioned in this thread already, but let's not forget his (unintentionally?) hilarious opening verse to Snoop's "It Ain't No Fun (If My Homies Can't Have None)".  I think that was before he figured out what the hell he was doing, haha.



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I saw this yesterday.  Makes me reminisce about my HS days with my '87 ford taurus.  It was worth about $2K in the late 90's, I had over that invested in my system which has 2 15" bandpassed kicker comps in the trunk.  It used to make the gutters shake at my house when I was a 1/4 mile from home!


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Big loss. Regulate is still a great song, one of the defining ones of my childhood, and Nate's chorus is a big reason why. I'm not a huge fan of rap today, but that 80-90s heyday was amazing.


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I hate it when people say there's no good hip hop today.  Lupe, JCole, Kanye (minus 808s and being a douchebag, I challenge anyone to say he's put out a bad album), Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Andre Nickatina,Mos Def, Common, Talib, Nas is doing some new stuff, Curren$y, Weezy murders mixtapes like no one's business (his albums are usually good, it's just that everyone remembers him for shit he get's featured on cause he get's $$ for that shit), Jay Electronica, Dead Prez, JMT, Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, Chip tha Ripper.  I could go on.  There's great hip hop out there, you just have to look for it.