OT: Naked mile run

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The post on Hash Bash got me thinking about the naked mile run. I went to two runs in 2000  and 2001. Do they still have the naked mile run in April and is it still pretty big??


Cultural Enrichment

April 3rd, 2011 at 6:05 PM ^

From: The University Record, 4/10/10


Men’s crew, lacrosse team opt out of Naked Mike

The men’s crew (rowing) and lacrosse team will not participate in this year’s Naked Mile.

In a meeting held during the crew’s opening weekend of racing in Ithaca, N.Y., the crew team decided it will no longer take part in the event to which it has been linked over the past 15 years. The men’s lacrosse team has drawn the same conclusions, and will join in the boycott....



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My favorite Naked Mile Run story. This was after the U started closing the Law School Reading room, must have been 2000.

The run is going on like always only smaller, and there are more cameras than you could shake a stick at, news helos overhead, and the cops are all off pretending they have runs somewhere so they can ignore the 'arrest on sight' orders they had.

So this serious group of pinched face girls with glasses are wearing some kind of t-shirt uniform, maybe something like sex harrassment task force.

When guys would get way carried away clapping for a really good looking runner girl, or move for a better camera angle, one or two of the very serious task force girls would jump in front, wave her arms, and squawk some version of "Stop objectifying women!"

I stopped one and said "But she is running naked through the streets, she wants attention just like you do." I escaped to Ashleys with my life.