OT: In-N-Out or Five Guys

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I say Five Guys because I'm from the midwest.





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but it isn't flashy--and you hear the hype, so you expect some big deal. They are just really fresh, perfect burgers...time after time..and once you start having them, you need them. Great, basic ingredients. I've had more interesting burgers, but In-N-Out is just a staple of goodness that you can count on...omg...need. one. now.


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discussion that you guys are having raises an issue that I think hurts In & Out in the best burger discussion.  Why are there all these modifications, secret formulas, animal styles, well done this, hold that sauce.... etc. etc.  A great burger should speak for itself, you should be able to walk in and say "one please" and be wowed by its excellence.  In & Out just seems like a headache.


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Well since people have different preferences that doesn't really work. I order my steaks medium rare, others prefer rare others medium, etc. I know of no burger places that don't allow for specificity in what a customer wants except Bob's Burgers. But, that's a TV show.


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what you are saying, but I am not talking about just like common distinctions that you have to make with certain kinds of food like steak, but just unnecessary ones that should not be required for a take-out burger.  Fries - well done?  Seriously?  That is like "Pizza - cheese melted please."  

It is a fast food restaurant, they serve like 5 things and one of them is fries.  McDonalds even has a certain level of consistency in the product that it appears In & Out doesn't.  You get McDs fries, they are perfect, hot, salted and delicous.  Is that too much to ask from a place with a rep like In & Out?


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Have you seen in-n-out's menu? It has about 10 things on it. If that gives you a headache, well there is no helping you. By the way, I order my food without modification, all the specialty nonsense is a gimmick in my opinion.


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But an effective one at that.  The first time I heard about the 3x3, and then ordered it, I felt like I was in some special club.  Subtle marketing I guess yet very effective.  Jamba Juice tried to copy that secret menu mojo recently (really, a gummy bear smoothie?) and it just didn't seem to be quite the same.


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the thing.  I had it once in Las Vegas after hearing about it for a long time, and I wasn't really impressed, but I really didn't know anything about their stuff or what to get.  And we got lost going to back to the house where I eventually ate it and it was kind of just warmish.  It did not wow me but I didn't really know what to order and I wasn't in the right eating mindset.  Could not really judge it based on that trip.

I do believe, that even on its best day, what I had from In and Out did not have the capacity to be better than a burger and fries from an original Flint Halo Burger location.  That much I can say for certain.


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Here, fixed it for you. 

in-n-out was hyped more than anything else on that trip and quite frankly it was only "meh." Five Guys is the shit.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone thinks Five Guys is good.  Shitty, greasy (not in a good way) poorly cooked burgers hidden behind a lot of toppings.  In-n-out is a really good fast food burger but it is just a good fast food burger.  Not worth going out of the way for it.   The fries at In-n-Out are abysmal and those at Five Guys are eh.

Blue Durham

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Not really fair as I haven't had In-N-Out, but have had 5 Guys, and it seems pretty split here.

I wasn't that impressed with 5 Guys burgers, so I went with "Other" because I really prefer charcoal grilled burgers. We have a place here in the Triangle called Char-Grill and they are probably the best fast food burgers I've had, although they aren't real fast there. The ambiance certainly is fast food, though.

I think 5-Guys burgers are fried on a flat griddle, but am not sure.

What about In-n-Out, how are they cooked?


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While agreeing with the Pope is more common sense than "sticking my neck out there" I agree with this sentiment exactly as it is worded.  I love In n' Out just like I love a couple other regional burger establishments.  But in my three and only visits to Five Guys I have walked away with the feeling that I just ate a shitty burger and need to wash my hands 10 times.  Don't understand the source of the equally strong hype for 5 guys.


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I drive by a Smashburger everyday but I have never stopped in to give it a try. Looks like I'm going to have to grab it for dinner tonight if you put it above Five Guys and In-N-Out. As far as what's better between those 2, they're both delicious to me. Might have the give the edge to In-N-Out. It's just a simple and delicious burger for a smaller price than Five Guys. 


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5 guys is obviously better, but it's also twice the price of In 'n Out. Your question should have the precursor, "Dollar for dollar, which is better?"

Cali Wolverine

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Double Double Animal-Style, with a side of fries animal-style and a milkshake....GTFO.

And I have had the privilege of eating at both In-And-Out and Five Guys this month...and In-And-Out is so much better this shouldn't even be a discussion.