OT: Must do things in Detroit/Ann Arbor/Michigan at large?

Submitted by victoriaed90 on July 13th, 2018 at 11:12 PM

I have a friend coming in from Amsterdam in September, he's never been to Michigan. We're going to spend a Friday night in Detroit, and go to the Nebraska game on Saturday, and he'll be here for another 2-3 days.

Is there anything you guys can think of as must do Michigan experiences? Great restaurants in Detroit to recommend?



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I watched a video of someone driving a Dodge Challenger down the tunnel onto the football field, and that looked like fun.  If you can work it out, you know.


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In Detroit

Food: Selden Standard and Ima

Drinks: Bad Luck Bar and the Skip

Outdoors: Dequindre Cut to the Riverwalk and Eastern Market

Indoors: DIA and pick a Casino (not motor city)

In Ann Arbor

Food: Frita Batidos and Zingermanns Deli

Drinks: Ann Arbor Distillery and the Last Word 

Outdoors: Nichols Arboretum and tailgate at the golf course

Indoors: Ricks 


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The Henry Ford is a fantastic museum - as is the DIA.  Both are definitely great parts of any tour of the area.  

If you have flexibility, eat at Ann Arbor restaurants on Monday and Tuesday - not Sunday after the game.  They can get really crowded - even for modest places.




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don't know what you're in to but imo the best rock shows in detroit these days are at outer limits - they don't have anything on the schedule that far out yet, but catch a show there and chances are real good that you're going to see a detroit band and a touring act that will blow you away. it's relatively close to the original buddy's as well. 


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Grand Trunk Pub could be good for you in Detroit. The bar is in a converted old railway station so a bit of history for your friend along with an excellent beer list and solid bar food. 


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What to do depends an awful lot on what you're friend likes to do!  I mean, does he like to fish?  A charter for muskies would be unique to an Amsterdamite.  Show him some Motown sights between the rock concerts if he likes music.  Some craft breweries?  Amsterdam has an awesome red light district, but maybe don't show him Detroit's red light districts.  (Yeah, don't.  That's an awful idea...)

How about some clues about what he likes?  Because that is where you narrow what Detroit (Michigan) really has to offer him...  A game at Comerica (HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!)?


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What about something in rural Michigan is that uniquely Michigan?  It would be a bit of a drive, but Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinac Island, or Pictured Rocks would be a unique experience to Michigan.

East Quad

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Haven't lived in Detroit area for many years.  What happened to New Hellas for Greek food?  It moved to Farmington and then closed?  What about Frank's burgers downtown?


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No idea about Hellas - I'm Greek and we always went to Laikon Cafe because that was the most authentic. Then Laikon closed a few years ago. All the good Greek places in Greektown shut down and we're left with fucking Golden Fleece and Pegasus - but at least we have two burger chains there now!


New Parthenon is fine, that's the only place in Greektown I'd go to now.


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Another of the Greek contingent here, Doctor.......


I second the sentiment about the Laikon, always went there.....and it was my go-to place for introducing "Americans" to great Greek food.  The avgolemono was tremendous, and the rice pudding was right there too.  I saw one of the last owners (Chris) at a party about two months ago.....fun reminiscing about the old days.  


If I want Greek food now, I go to Big Tommy's in Novi on Grand River west of Haggerty.  Great spinach pie and I love the lamb reganato.  Their Rice Pudding tops a meal off beautifully, too.





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Renaissance Festival, Apple Orchard, Pinckney State Park and if you want quick food go to Zingermans, if you want awesome dining and top shelf food go to West End Grill. 

The Man Down T…

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It's kind of a goofy thing but we always try to stop by Silver Bells there in Dundee on our way to our annual game.  They have some cool tree carving statues around the place and some neat stuff inside.  Good for a couple pictures.







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If your friend has never been to Michigan and you have a couple of days, take him up North for a couple of days.   Traverse City, Glen Arbor, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, etc.   Heck, maybe even Mackinac Island.   It's beautiful 'Up North' in September.