OT: Must be NBA time, because Greg Oden is out for the year already.

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In what has become as much apart of the start of the season as high hopes, Greg Oden is doubtful to return to the court this year. Not since Bill Walton, has a big man suffered this many injuries in his career. Filed under "unanswered prayers", I bet the Celtics aren't too upset the ping pong balls didn't bounce in their favor. I was hoping he'd bust, his tsio nature and all, but I would never wish this kind of thing on any player. 








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I understand your point, but i have nothing but hate for anyone who played at Ohio State. Sorry. It's just the way i was raised. My mom took me to my first Ohio State and Michigan game when i was 6 years old and three other kids....My mom who had cancer and still does fought three Ohio State guys who were in their late 40's early 50's because they spit on me and my other friends who were all around the same age as me. It's very personal when i see one of them "Down here" or anywhere. I am 29 now, but i will never ever forget getting spit on and watching my mom beat up three guys as she was fighting cancer too. 




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I understand the anger, but just because you had that bad experience you should not transpose that on other Buckeyes/fans.  I have lived in Columbus for 6 years, and aside from the constant joking, I have not experienced anything that negative.  I can tell you firsthand that Pryor is a douche, but I have also met Oden and he is pretty disarming.  Even the fans that I know are great people, they just wear different colors on Saturdays.  While Ohio may have a larger percentage of '2 percenters' than Michigan, I know that things can get ugly when idiots are involved - both ways.


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I respect that. I really, really do. It does go both ways, but i will never get over it, ever! I had to work at a Wal-Mart coming out of college and i always have something Michigan on somewhere, but anyways i was stocking products and had a guy started telling me how much Michigan sucks, how stupid we are, and just using every word you could possible think of in front of me, kids, customers,..etc. I was not shocked becasue that is the way they are, sadly. 


I worked at a Ingles and had the same experience.....i just cannot stand them. I just can't! I mean, these are people in their mid 50's using profanity in front of kids in a public store. I can deal with ones who hate Michigan - that's fine because we hate them, but the obnixious ones are just too much. I live in GA as of right now and i can go into a store with a Michigan shirt on and here old women - seriously like women in their 60's saying, "Fuck Michigan." I cannot escape them, but i do get to meet some oler people who also went to Michigan and know how hard it is dealing with them.


I did get to meet Chris Spielman (Favorite Player from OSU) because he played his butt off for my Lions! He was actually a real nice guy and i got to shake his hand and that was real cool - to me anyways. I said, "Go Blue" and he said "Buckeyes." All around nice and cool guy. 





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When my friends and I were walking back to our car after the Big Ten Championship game, I literally ran into Greg Oden in the middle of an intersection. He is taller, and looks older, in person. I don't know if me running into him had anything to do with this injury.
<br>I know, cool story bro.

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hopefully he heals up and gets a chance to play. Even though he's from ohio u goto feel bad for guys when they are getting injuries that prevent them from getting any consistent playing time


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there was so much excitement out here. After all, they had a top-10 young shooting guard named Brandon Roy, and a develping power forward Lamarcus Aldridge. Adding Oden meant there would be a small-market dynasty ... 


Yeah, that didn't really happen...


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Blazers not only lost Bradon Roy today (retirement) but also Oden for the year.  I cant say I am surprised by Oden being out for the year, local media was reporting that Oden would not have been ready until April anyway.  What is a few more months?


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Dont mean to thread-jack but can someone please explain to me what happened with that CP3 trade getting blocked?  Every media outlet's explanation seems to just scratch the surface...


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Dan Gilbert, the Sparty owner of the Cavs, threw a hissy fit along with the owners of several other small market teams, and Stern folded by vetoing the trade.

Cuban laid out to the media why a large portion of the owners were upset. He said something along the lines of, "The whole reason we had this lockout was to help small market teams compete and keep their superstars from dictating where they want to play. So if the first major move post lockout is a superstar forcing his way from a small market to a larger market, then what the hell did we just have a lockout for?"

IMO, this is a huge mistake, and the owners are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. New Orleans could have gotten a large haul of quality players and a first round pick for Paul, but now they'll have an unhappy superstar to deal for a year and get nothing when he leaves in free agency. Not to mention the fact that by vetoing this trade the NBA has probably done irreparable damage to the chemistry of one of their signature franchises (Lakers). Good luck winning a title with mentally frail players like Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom having this hanging over their heads for the foreseeable future.


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The Celtics had the second worst record. They should have gotten the second pick (had the balls bounced correctly). Memphis had the first pick and I'm not sure they would've passed on Oden either. He was supposed to be a can't miss big man. The Celtics would've gotten Durant.

It all worked. We got Banner 17. 


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Yeah more sad about the Brandon Roy news. Sort of a home town guy, former rookie of the year and 3 time all star in only 5 years in the league. For the most part a stand up guy who helped clean up the Blazers image.


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It sucks being a blazer fan, such a heartbreak. I wanted Durant so bad and knew Oden wasn't the answer mainly because he went to Ohio. Luckily I love Michigan more so Go Blue