OT: "The Muppets" premieres tonight

Submitted by snarling wolverine on September 22nd, 2015 at 6:23 PM

It's on at 8:00 EDT (7:00 CDT) on ABC.  Apparently it's more "adult" than the original show.  Hopefully the formula still works.  




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This is it exactly. When Kermit started tweeting about his love life in order to promote the show, it was confirmed that this has precious little to do with the Muppets I grew up with. Where else have we recently seen dumb promotional gimmicks bastardizing something that never needed changing? If it ain't broke, break it, I guess.


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I know it is quite OT, but Jim Henson's brainchild has given this blog some nice moments over the years.

I actually watched some of my favorites from the original show the other day - Mark Hamill, Peter Sellers, Christopher Reeve and countless other guest stars that helped to make some very memorable episodes. Hopefully, it is as funny as its predecessor from back in the day. 


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Big Gonzo fan here.

Grew up on this sort of show, along with Love Boat and Fantasy Island where a parade of B and C list actors showed up.   I guess now they go to Dancing with the Stars.   Will be curious how the ratings go - nostalgia is usually good for a season or two.


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Meh.  I also love both shows, but Mad Men won the best drama Emmy for its first four seasons.

If anything, GoT won best drama for the collective seasons 3-4.  However, Breaking Bad couldn't be denied those years.  Would you take GoT season 3 or 4 over the Mad Men final season?  I would.  Hell, if it weren't for a certain scene, I'd say season 5 of GoT was just as good as any previous season.  

The final season of Mad Men was great, but I don't feel it lived up to seasons 1-4, which is fine - not much could!  Therefore, while you can argue it was better than GoT 5, I have no problem finally rewarding a series that certainly has produced a couple of the best seasons of TV in the last half decade.

One thing I think you have to consider:  While the story arcs may not have been as impressive in GoT 5 than in previous seasons, a series that essentially produces cinema-quality televsion every episode has to get recognized for the entirity of what it brings.  The near-perfect ensemble cast, the directing, the cinematography, the special effects, the costume design, etc etc etc.  GoT deserved a Best Drama award and giving it now means the voters won't have to rely on a "career" award if the show declines.  

And, like Anna Gunn last two years, I suspect Lena Headly is going to eventually get best supporting actress.  It may not be a single season's performance that does it (though, I thought Gunn's final season was amazingly, heartbreakingly, great), but her portrayal of Cersei over the course of 5+ seasons has been exceptional.


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Gotta say that I loved it. Not sure if the concept can lead to a long running series, but I thought it was well done, modern, and Kermit looks like he's got his hands full with that redhead!


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The Fozzie storyline was not a good fit. And Statler and Waldorf need to be in a balcony somewhere. Other than that, not bad. Glad to see the band get more camera time. 

Bando Calrissian

September 22nd, 2015 at 11:35 PM ^

I'll say it: I love the Muppets. But the cardinal rule with the franchise is that they never make a joke at the expense of another. They're not mean. These Muppets are mean. Its off putting...

Bando Calrissian

September 23rd, 2015 at 1:29 AM ^

When Jason Segel wrote the Muppet Movie and started working with Muppet Studios, they gave him distinct parameters of things he was allowed and not allowed to do with the characters. He's talked about it a lot, actually. There's always been a pretty clear vision of what these characters do and don't do, and that's what makes them so different--and special.

This show seems to throw all of that out the window. That isn't a bad thing, per se, but if you've grown up expecting the Muppets to act a certain way, which is central to why they're so great, and they don't... Well, that's weird.