OT: Multiple LSU Players Involved in a Bar Fight - WWMD? - What will Miles do?

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Didn't see this posted yet so here it is. 

With this incident happening so close to the season, it will almost certainly have an effect on the Tiger's game verses Oregon. Especially since it involves multiple starters, including Jordan Jefferson. 

Will Miles do the right things and suspend all these kids or will he continue his reputation as a less than reputable head coach?

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I'm guessing he'll suspend them for about a play each. Hell, he may even want to crack down and suspend them for a whole series! Of course, since alcohol was involved, Miles might even pull a Kelly and not suspend any of the players at all. You know what? I think that's the most likely option.


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Les is going to have the players appeal their suspension until after the Oregon game.  Then he's going to bring the hammer down and make them sit the entire Northwestern State game.  That will teach 'em!


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I think this situation will definitively define Miles as a head coach.

I mean we are talking 2 weeks until the first game here. A coach with any kind of ethics would know that a suspension for the Oregon game is an absolute must for the kids directly involved in the fight. 

So if Miles dodges this one, it will be the final blow to an already tarnished reputation. 

What's crazy is that if Miles does suspend these kids, you will have some of the biggest playmakers from both teams not playing in that game.

Jefferson for LSU and Cliff Harris for Oregon.

It's a shame because I was really looking forward to that game.


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Ya, I'm sure it will be a good game.

But I just wish we could see both teams at full throttle. I know Jefferson might not have been the starter anyway, but it sounds like a bunch of players were involved so that could be the big difference.

In regards to Cliff Harris, I have no doubt that Oregon can partially fill his shoes at the CB position. Especially since LSU isn't going to be airing it out all game. But I think losing Cliff as a returner is huge because he changes field position and has the potential to change the entire game with a TD.



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You guys are in your own dream world. The only reputation Les Miles has is as (a) one of the best coaches LSU has ever had, (b) one of the the kings of trick plays and (c) a grass eater. Even the clock mismanagement stuff will fade in time because, well, he won all those games. No one is going to care if he plays these players so long as LSU wins.


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Um, ok.

Around these parts, Miles seems to have a pretty poor reputation for lots of reasons.

And I have even heard LSU fans state that he is not a very good leader. 

But you're right, he's awesome. 



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And, trust me, the world doesn't care what people think of him "around these parts". Go look up LSU Football in Wikipedia and see how his record compares to all of their previous coaches. He will probably end up with a better record than Saban's when all is said and done.


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I don't see much coming of this especially since they're opening against oregon. if they had a cupcake for game 1 they'd probably get the game off, but i just can't seem him suspending them with the first game being so big and important for their season. not saying that, thats the right thing to do just how it probably will be done. 


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I don't have much faith in Miles as a disciplinarian.  I am good friends with an Oklahoma State grad that played on the team right after Miles was there. Let's just say this....when 25+ failed drug tests don't get you suspended for a single play, I don't see anyone getting suspended for anything.


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We really don't know what "the right thing" is because we don't know what happened.  Did the players start the fight?  Did the "others" start it?  Did they try to walk away from a fight and the others wouldn't let them leave?  Did someone sucker-punch one of the players to start the fight?

I have a feeling Miles may be tough on them.  He's just crazy enough to tell them GTFOD, even if it means losing a chance at a NC.  Then again, he might be like everyone else.  There are too many variables right now.


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Police spokesman Sgt. Don Stone said four people were taken to local hospitals after the fight, none of them football players. 

Apparently T-Bob's 76 knockdowns last year were legit.

JR's Flow

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Wish people would read things before jumping to conclusions....They were at the bar when it happened. Zero players are seen as suspects or victims. Let's move on.


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I guess I don't know all the details, but the article seems to insinuate that players were involved in the altercation in some manner.

I also saw people on an LSU message board saying that Jefferson was directly involved in the fight and kicked someone in the face. This could be pure rumor, but LSU fans were saying it so who knows.

Either way, the players are in trouble for being there when they shouldn't have. Miles held a press conference addressing the issue, so obviously its a big deal in someone's eyes.

I think suspensions are likely, and considering its a top 5 team with a former Michigan player/coach as their head coach, it seems like a relevant topic.

Steve in PA

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"I guess I don't know all the details, but the article seems to insinuate that players were involved in the altercation in some manner."


And if it was Michigan players in The Freep it would be true and unbiased as well, right?  Newspapers don't exist to print news, they exist to sell newspapers that may have some news in them.


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this will be "under investigation" and all players will be eligible until completed, which will just happen to be after the Oregon game.  Then those involved will be suspended for 1 game and be the Northwestern St game.


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...are expected to be arrested on Monday, it looks like Miles won't have to do any suspending to cause them to miss the Oregon game.

Jefferson and redshirt offensive tackle Chris Davenport face second degree battery charges while junior starting defensive tackle Josh Downs and freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry will be charged with simple battery.

If found guilty of second degree battery, Jefferson and Davenport could face as serious a punishment as three to five years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.

None players in this case have previous criminal records and are unlikely to face the most severe potential sentences if convicted. Downs and Landry would likely receive community service and probation if found guilty.

The arrests will likely lead to suspensions to the foursome. Jefferson has been the starting quarterback of the Tigers since late in his freshman season.