OT: MSU strength and conditioning coach in trouble.

Submitted by Michigan_Marc on December 21st, 2017 at 11:34 PM
The bad decisions being made in East Lansing are on a constant cycle of repeat as of late. Another coach at MSU is in some hot water after a deadly accident involving the death of two people. How Lou Anna Simon and Mark Hollis still have jobs, is beyond me at this point! Link to article: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/2017/12/21/msu-spartans-b…



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I really, really, really dislike people who say it's not a big deal to make a quick text or search or whatever while they're driving. It really is a big deal.  Whatever you want to do, it can wait. Rest in peace to the victims, prayers to the poor family. Lock this asshat up for a long time.

Arb lover

December 21st, 2017 at 11:50 PM ^

Texting while driving is worse than drunk driving because you have full cognition when you do it and put others in danger. 

Also, I bet everyone here a pint that MSU or someone with MSU ties represented this guy and fought for four months through about four court battles not to allow his text messages into admission, and then in November the DA got it and realized he didn't simply not stop in time, he was texting full time. The whole time they fought the text message release, more likely than not, the university was aware of the contents and time signatures of this guys phone, and let him continue to train and prepare the basketball team. Because, MSU basketball. 


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Drunk driving is not somehow "better" because you are too drunk to know what you are doing. That is absurd.

Texting while driving is dumb. So is eating, or drinking a soda, or turning around to yell at your kids, or changing your radio settings. Anything that takes your eyes off the road is dumb to a degree. Texting just seems to take people's eyes off the road longer than most other in-car activities.


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you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't use their phone while driving. I'm sure you've done it. I have done it. still currently do it. but what ill also say is that, speaking for myself only, I know the dangers of it, and I've been fortunate to not have something bad happen. I also make a concerted effort to put my phone out of reach while driving and stop myself when I'm doing it.

Bo Schemheckler

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I came to this thread expecting to make some snide comment about some idiot's drunk and disorderly charge but... fuck, man... a little girl and her mother died. What a totally avoidable tragedy, i'm having a hard time processing this right now.


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Absolutely disgusting. This jackass was texting about a strip club and now a mom and her five year old daughter are dead. This guy deserves the full punishment of the law.


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A strip club in Ohio, of all places. He killed a mother and a 5 year old girl for a strip club in Ohio. This guy is a piece of shit and I hope he doesn't see the light of day outside of prison for the rest of his life. 


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First MSU didn't suspend him until charges were brought, that is standard practice for most organizations.  2nd he's suspended with pay but will probably lose his job once convicted as he'll no doubt fail one of MSU's code of employee conduct rules.  Again standard practice.


Terrible tragedy and mistake, this man will serve his time and debt to society and have to live with this the rest of his life.  What MSU does with him is really secondary to everything

Prince Lover

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This explanation is needed before people start shouting from the roof tops without knowing which rooftop they should be shouting from.....from which rooftops they should be shouting. Sorry.....almost ended that sentence with a preposition which would nullify my argument with this fan base....


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have or should have proceedures to deal with an employees legal troubles.  Suspending or firing someone before charges are brought or some kind of discipline before conviction can open your company up to some legal issues that might cost you money in the long run.

All major organizations have protocol to follow.




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Unless the HC is over-the-top stressing it to his coaching staff to not ever do this or be fired, I would bet that there are at least a couple guys on every staff in the country who text while driving.


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They have jobs, because nobody cares about MSU.

Everybody I know was completely outraged over Sandusky (as they should have been) and none of these people have any idea who Nassar is. It's simply a function of nobody knowing or caring about MSU. I work at a F100 Company (not in the Midwest) and know of only 1 MSU grad (yet know about 20 Michigan ones).


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3 days before Christmas.  This was a horrible story to begin with and finding out the details just makes it worse.  Hope the family can overcome this.  Not sure I could.

I'll admit I have on occasion texted while driving (generally Y N or OTW) and usually when there is little to no traffic.  I updated to iOS 11 specifically for the do not disturb function to even avoid receiving anything.