OT - MSU losing C Garrick Sherman (transfer)

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Could anyone use a 6'10" guy with 2 years eligibility left?

Actually, looks like he "realized" after a meeting with Izzo that his 3rd/4th on the depth chart was not looking good for him....   so long as you define "looking good" as tying up a roster spot that could really be used to re-stock the team next year...





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For all the athletic wing types the've had in Spartyland, they haven't had many low-post beasts.  Delvon Roe (poor guy) has been hurt too often.  Derrick Nix doesn't look like he'll ever be a Tier 1 Big Ten player.  We'll see about Payne.

Sherman at least appeared to have some potential.  Maybe he's tired of the drama up there.


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is all potential at this point.  MSU has never been able to develop a low post scoring threat. The last time they had a great low post scorer was Zach Randolph but Randolph was already a great scorer down low so that doesn't really count IMO.  I am not worried about MSU with regards to development of big men.

Waters Demos

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either about MSU developing big men.  For the most part, it doesn't happen.  I think only Suton provides an example of a big man developing in his years under Izzo. 

Contrast Suton with Paul Davis, who, IMHE, actually regressed in his time at MSU.  Started out with indications of toughness, and ended looking like a panzy.  The rest just stay the same (Anagonye, Andreas, Naymick, etc etc etc.....).  Roe falls outside the analysis because of his knees - there's no telling what he could have been.

Izzo teams rely more heavily on perimeter and wing players.  The big guys "just" have to play D and rebound.  It's almost never imperative that they produce offensively. 


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my favorite sparty. I liked watching him play and showed toughness needed to bang down low yet still have the range to shoot 3s.  He would have done well as a 4 for Beilein IMO.  I didn't think that he was worthy of a MSU offer after seeing him play in HS but he has developed so much that he became a key player for MSU.


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I think the fallout of Izzo's Cavalier Indulgence will be just like that of Billy Donovan's Magic Moment.  It took four years for kids to believe Donovan really is a "Gator for life," and all of those four years for their program to regain national relevance.  His team tuned him out, underacheved, a lot of it transferred, and even the top-ranked recruiting class of 2007 didn't keep the Gators from a lull.  Only two players from that class, Alex Tyus and Chandler Parsons, helped the Gators on their near-Final Four run this year.

MSU tuned out Izzo this year, and their class for next year isn't going to be the top class in the country.   Also, Izzo may still leave for the NBA.  He has to be insulted at how the criminal envrionment of the football team seems to be "spilling over" to his basketball players.  And he knows that he still has decent market value, but one more crappy season next year will diminish it greatly.  

Either way, Izzo isn't going to snap his fingers and put MSU back on top of the Big Ten next season.


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Izzo's flirtation with the Cav's and the NBA hurt the spirit and momentum at MSU just as much as Allen and Lucious's issues. I do not know why the MSM has focused on this more. It prededed everything.


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There were rumors a little while ago about Nix also transferring.  I'm not sure if anything's happened on that front.

This one probably isn't a big deal.  MSU is pretty high on Alex Gauna, who redshirted this year.  He'll probably slide into Sherman's backup role.  The bigger mystery for MSU is what they'll get out of their perimeter guys, who will almost all be freshmen.    


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transfer to a MAC school so he can play more then 5 mins a game... izzo is never going to give him starter minutes unless he drops another 40lbs, which he has been unable to do... in the games were izzo HAD to give him minutes he showed that he can produce, so the potential is there...


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I thought Sherman had some talent.   He seemed to be a fairly skilled player on the offensive side with a good basketball IQ but seemed to get pushed around an awful lot.   My guess is that he'll transfer to smaller conference school (maybe Dayton?  a MAC school?) and have a nice last two years.

While Sherman wasn't an all-world player, it does leave Sparty a little thin in the frontcourt.   At PF/C, they've only got Payne, Nix and Roe from this year's team.   Gauna was a decent player in high school, but I'm not sure he's much better than Sherman.   I suppose they could also go small and play Green at the 4.   Also, Dawson is supposed to be one heck of a rebounder, so he could pitch in there too.

With Sherman leaving, State's now losing five guys that opened on their roster (that's not even counting Allen).   It'll be interesting to see what they look like next year.



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I wouldn't be surprised if Izzo urged him to explore other options.  As for the team tuning out Izzo, I am surprised that it took this long.  His style can ware on a kid, especially kids these days. 


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I agree with Sparty below, and my original post's assertation...

Izzo stating he can "find a way" to fit a new recruit (Harris) is exactly what losing this kid was about.  Yes he was playing, but only 10-12 minutes a game versus the 30 the 2-3 guys ahead of him were getting.

Izzo's "meeting with each player" (as discussed in the OP linked article) likely went this way for this kid, "Son, I know some coaches..."

He was Sabanized - kinda like euthanized, except the death part is only your current hopes and dreams, not quite literally.


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In all fairness, Izzo was probably referring to Nix leaving.  Nix has tried to transfer 2-3 times this past year, and has been talked out of it, but I'm guessing Izzo figured eventually he'd just get tired of it all and leave.  As for Sherman, there was a rumor about him being homesick and transferring last year too, it wouldn't surprise me if he decided that getting a few minutes a game wasn't worth it and ends up transferring to Dayton or someplace closer to home. 


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I'll agree w/ you. He was listed at a position that was already stacked in terms of depth (Nix, Payne, Gauna, and sometimes Roe). What this does more importantly is free up an extra scholarship in 2012. I was hearing yesterday from the radio that supposedly Tom talked to Gary Harris and told him that he can find a way to fit him in the 2012 class.


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I bet this will be beneficial for MSU in the long run. They can now offer another big man for a future class. I really don't think sherman would have played much at all if he had stayed.